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FDA: Clarcon products linked to unsanitary conditions

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Clarcon skin sanitizer product

The FDA has warned consumers to toss Clarcon products, used for protection against skin germs. The skin care products consist of hand sanitizers and antimicrobials used to treat wounds. According to the FDA, consumers should toss Clarcon products in the rubbish. The bacteria found, though not specifically identified is associated with “unsanitary condition”, leaving questions and concerns about the source of contamination found by the FDA.

The Clarcon product list containing harmful bacteria includes Citrushield Lotion, Dermasentials, DermaBarrier, Dermassentials by Clarcon Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer, Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment, Skin Shield Restaurant, Skin Shield Industrial, Skin Shield Beauty Salon Lotion, Total Skin Care Beauty, and Total Skin Care Work. High levels of bacteria that can cause permanent damage were found in the products warns the FDA.

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So far, there have been no reported infections from using Clarcon products, but they have been produced and distributed in the United States since 2007. Clarcon also has an affiliate marketing program, and the products are widely sold and marketed by bloggers and webmasters.

Signs of skin infection that might be associated with Clarcon products include boils, pimples, red painful skin and other lesions that appear from unknown causes. A cut or break in the skin could provide an entry point for bacteria that cause systemic infection and fever.

The FDA voices concern over the products because they are specifically designed to prevent infection. US Marshals reportedly have seized Clarcon products and ingredients from Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory’s Roy, Utah.

Clarcon claims to use strict quality control measures in their manufacturing process. In this instance, consumers are warned to discard the products, and do not use them under any circumstances because of risk of serious infection and complications that could cause permanent damage. The bacteria found in the products are only identified as thosefound in unsanitary conditions per the FDA. Consumers will await news from the FDA with more information about bacteria found in Clarcon products, marketed under various names. In the meantime, healthcare providers should report suspected adverse events to the FDA’s MedWatch.