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Wrinkles Gone With Inexpensive Skin Cancer Cream

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Wrinkles and skin cancer treatment drug

Disappearing wrinkles have been found to be a side effect of the inexpensive skin cancer cream Efudex. Not only does the skin cancer cream erase wrinkles, but also it does a good job getting rid of pre-cancerous sun spots, uneven skin tone, and lack luster skin.

The skin cancer cream, fluorouracil, marketed as Efudex is applied as an ointment. It is also used intravenously for chemotherapy for treating patients with head, neck, liver and bowel cancer, and now is found to erase wrinkles and more, in a small study.

Efudex cream, applied topically for actinic keratosis, also seems to stimulate collagen. Twenty-one volunteers used the skin cancer treatment for two weeks to reduce signs of sun damage and sun spots, also called liver spots (actinic keratosis), finding a significant improvement in their skin, including reduced wrinkling, and overall improvement in facial appearance.

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Cosmetic laser treatments used to erase wrinkles cause redness and inflammation as the under layers of the skin rejuvenated. Efudex cream produced the same type of results – it rejuvenated the skin surface, resulting in fewer wrinkles, and improved skin suppleness and texture.

The research, led by Dr Dana Sachs, of the University of Michigan means skin care may be more accessible because of the cost of the skin cancer cream versus expensive laser treatments. The scientists also observed better skin tone with Efudex, and less sallowness, or yellow appearance of the skin.

The researchers say the best advice is for people "to protect their skin from sun damage... ensure that you don’t burn." Side effects of Efudex skin cancer cream include irritation and inflammation of the skin that may last for weeks. It cannot be used during pregnancy. Once the skin is healed, the reported results are fewer wrinkles around the eyes and cheekbones, better skin tone and texture, and reversal of sun damage – something that may be worth what Dr. Sachs describes as “looking like raw hamburger meat.”