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Pulse Yoga Is Not Your Typical Workout

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Pulse yoga might be the type of exercise that can help you meet your fitness goals. The addition of weights and “micro movements” to traditional yoga movements makes Pulse yoga not your typical workout. According to a study, combining resistance training with yoga has added advantages when compared to functional resistance training alone.

Dr. Paul Arciero studied the effects of Pulse yoga in a ten week program, examining the effect on mood, aerobic capacity, cholesterol levels, and total and regional body fat distribution. Thirty nine women, age 28 to 69 were split into three groups – one group performed a program of Pulse yoga, the other functional resistance training, and the third group was used as a control.

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Body weight, aerobic capacity (V02 max), blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, total and regional fat distribution were measured at baseline and again at twelve weeks. The study also examined the effect of Pulse yoga on mood.

The results showed that functional resistance training, combined with yoga, had a beneficial effect on “mood state, aerobic fitness and body composition. Whereas, Pulse yoga has an independent and favorable effect on blood glucose levels”.

Pulse yoga offers just a little something extra. The movements can make you feel good, improve strength, change your body composition, and help control higher blood sugar levels. Combining Pulse yoga with a healthy diet can fight abdominal obesity that leads to a wide array of other health problems.