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Black Seed Oil Compound Kills Prostate Cancer Cells in Lab Study

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Black seed oil from the Nigella sativa plant is found to kill prostate cancer cells, found in lab studies. Researchers from Tulane University have shown that Thymoquinone (TQ) has anti-cancer properties that suppress the growth and lead to death of aggressive prostate cancer cells. The discovery comes from the scientists desire to find natural compounds with anti-cancer properties.


According to Dr. Debasis Mondal who was part of the research team, “Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is becoming very important as an adjunct therapy in cancer patients, both to ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy as well as to enhance their anti-tumor effects. The low side effect profiles of natural compounds is also an important aspect in their therapeutic utility as an adjunct to anti-tumor therapy.”

The researchers recognized that Thymoquinone in black seed oil (Nigella sativa) has a similar effect to the compound ubiquinone or co-enzyme Q that is also an essential nutrient produced by the body. They found that Thymoquinone rapidly generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) in particularly aggressive types of LNCaP and C4-2B prostate cancer cells. Cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy are found to have high levels of glutathione (GSH) that also decreased with exposure to the black seed oil compound.

The research suggests it is the combined action of ROS induction and inhibition of glutathione levels from Thymoquinone found in black seed oil that leads to death of prostate cancer cells. Dr. Steven R. Goodman, Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Biology and Medicine says the researchers… “have demonstrated that Thymoquinone efficiently killed hormone-dependent and hormone-independent prostate cancer cells. The mechanism appears to be that Thymoquinone induces oxidative stress and suppresses GSH levels. This suggests that oxidative stress may lead to decreased tumor growth and increased cell death in highly aggressive forms of prostate cancer."

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Thymoquinone, found in black seed oil (Nigella sativa) has been shown to kill pancreatic cancer cells, colon cancer, and has been examined for its potential in the treatment of breast cancer. The new study demonstrated that Thymoquinone killed aggressive prostate cancer cells in lab studies and may prove to be an adjunctive therapy that can treat aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

Journal reference:

P. S. Koka, D. Mondal, M. Schultz, A. B. Abdel-Mageed, K. C. Agrawal. Studies on molecular mechanisms of growth inhibitory effects of thymoquinone against prostate cancer cells: role of reactive oxygen species. Experimental Biology and Medicine, 2010; 235 (6): 751 DOI: 10.1258/ebm.2010.009369

Updated 3/11/2017



where can I find thymoquinone
You can find it most abundantly in fresh thyme, this is why it is called thymol or thymoquinone.
Hi there - It's in black cumin seeds that come from the nigella sativa plant.
i want to be a suppler if is not Impossible
I use this and it is very good. Black seed oil capsules make sure it is a pure one you are buying
Prophet Muhammed (saw) said this black seed cures all disease except death (aging). Muslims have known this for 1400 years.
When will there be human trials to determine efficacy and doses?
Mannstein, I don't know of any ongoing clinical trials. I see none registered when I search. Likely, there is not funding, unfortunately.
My understanding is that Black Seed oil contains gamma-linolenic acid, or "GLA," which can increase prostaglandin E production in your body. This may may affect blood pressure and inhibit blood clot formation, Is this correct or are thelevels of GLA so low that it's not a problem?
Mannstein - I really don't know! Fish oil, flax oil, aspirin and all can interfere with clotting and promote some bleeding and perhaps blood pressure could be an issue. With supplements that are not regulated, we wouldn't know. Thus, the need for good solid studies and safety warnings from results for natural compounds, right?
Thank you for answering my questions. I agree there need to be studies done.
I have prostrate cancer I am in my 60s how cn I take the black seed oil please specify the quantity to take either in the morning or night
I have it too, and I am informed that one takes 1 teaspoon of oil mixed with 1/2 a teaspoon of good honey (manuka honey) 30 mins before breakfast, ! teaspoon midday mixed with a freshly squeezed 1 orange, and 1 teaspoon of oil mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of honey again before bed. The honey acts as a carrier to help move the black seed oil into the cell where it can release its medical properties dark honey is best and Manuka honey is considered the queen of honeys.
I associate myself with Mohamed's question but I am 74 years old
I'm considering beachy theraphy next month would the tea complement the procedure?
I don't think so. The study was done in a lab, not on humans. Still more work to do to find a way to use the oil therapeutically. Best to you!!
I need all the information I can get on ANY supplement that will aid in progressed prostrate cancer. I am looking for information how NOT to have surgery or have it spread.
by eating and drinking cayanne yes I said drinking a tea callled cayanne tea Its made up of a few shakes of cayanne half a tsp of tumeric couple of shakes of ginger powder add hot water a squirt of lemon and qaurter tsp of honey drink two cups a day and it will kill off all kinds of cancer prostate being one.. I'm presently studying black seed oil which is another easily taken and purchased product excellent for prostate cancer..
We are not taking any form of sugar at all, even with the black seed oil. Does anyone know if it will be effective without the honey? We have both been doing the Beta Glucan 3, 1-6, Heart Health 3 times a day, Green Tea Extract 3 times, Barley Enzymes 4 times a day, and a juice once a day in the evening called Prodovite, in addition to doing the Joanna Budwig Quark which is Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed oil. We just started apricot kernels. I have not been doing the CC and Flax Seed oil every day because you can't take it with an antioxidant 3 hours before or 3 hours after and I have been pretty fixed on the black seed oil which is an anti oxidant. I have not lost weight, have very good energy and no pain. Husband has lost lots of weight but has no pain and doing better with fatigue since we started the green tea extract. If anyone has any more info, please post. I totally belive this can be done if we can just find what does and doesn't work. Information helps.
Hi Mohamed. Until more studies are done there is not a way or specific dose that is known that you can take. The study was very preliminary but useful for future treatment. If you wish to add supplements, your doctor should know about that and give you good direction. I sincerely hope your treatment is a success. I am sorry you are facing this disease.
I have stage 4 prostate cancer and I believe the only cure is in God's natural garden not man made pharmasudecals
Troy, good luck to you. I just got with an alternative doctor that gave my husband three other things to take along with the black seed. I will send them to you if you want.
Hi Rachel, my husband 65 years old has also got metatastic prostate cancer with spread to the bones. So far, he has not received surgery, radiotherapy or chemo but is on hormone injections and abiraterone. He is going to start taking black seed oil but would you mind telling me what other 3 supplements your husband was prescribed. Hoping your all coping and staying positive. Kind regards Karin.
Hi I am also interested in the three other things to take along with black seed for cancer of the prostate. Thanks
I'm interested in the correct names of the other three things to take with Black Seed Oil. Please send to my email thank you.
I am helping a friend that already had his prostate removed due to cancer and is trying to avoid radiation because they say the cancer has spread. Please any suggestions that have worked would be greatly appreciated.
Amen, I also believe the same, can you plz tell me if cancer levels have gone down with the use of black seed oil, I have an expected brother-in-law and he has prostate cancer. He is now taking BSO. Thanks and may the Most High heal you.
Hi, Jacqueline, my husband is taking essiac tea twice daily, a version put out by Kroeger of the parasite cleanse recommended by Hulda Clark, black seed oil, and Dr. Murray's extra strength curcumin - six pills a day. This gets expensive, but his appetite is returning. I think that the black seed oil needs to be taken on an empty stomach also. However, I just heard about three people testifying that their cancer is gone by taking Elixer Vitae. My husband does not have to use a catheter anymore so we are encouraged; however, I think that we are going to go ahead and bite the bullet and buy this Elixer Vitae (I think that is how you spell it) I personally talked with three people it cured. It is also on FB. Good Luck and I serve the Most High!!
Please send the info it will be very much appreciated