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Novelty Massager Provides Portable Therapy

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Mobile massager

If a massager that is portable, maneuverable for self-massage, and easy to pack sounds too good to be true, look again. We have found exactly that – a novelty massager that you can take anywhere.

According to the manufacturers, the massager, known as the Mobile Masseuse can be carried anywhere. The portable massager lets you give yourself a massage by just holding onto the handles while you roll the massager up and down your spine.

You can even place it against a wall, or on the floor for more acupressure, and deeper tissue massage.

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The Mobile Masseuse makes use of simple, inexpensive tennis balls, positioned to roll across sore muscle, anywhere needed. The Mobile Masseuse portable massager also comes in very stylish colors and patterns.

Tennis balls provide acupressure, helping to relieve muscle tension and spasms. This novelty device also only costs $19.95 for the version that has four massaging balls, and $14.95 for the two-ball massager. It packs up to fit inside a briefcase or purse.

We can all use a simple massage for relief of aching muscles from time to time. It looks like the makers of the Mobile Masseuse have developed a novel, inexpensive, and portable way to get a therapeutic massage, anytime and anywhere.

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