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E- Cigarette Controversy Lights Up

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While the impetus behind e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) use stems from a desire to help people stop smoking, while respecting smoking bans, it seems that e cigarette controversy lights up because electronic cigarettes are not approved by any governing body – specifically the FDA. The result is that electronic cigarette import has been banned, and the makers are in China. Currently, the FDA has no control over cigarettes.

The maker of e-cigarettes claims inhaling nicotine vapor minus the tobacco is a sincere effort to provide an alternative to smoking. Electronic cigarettes may be poisonous, another part of the controversy. No one knows. Allegedly, the ingredients, water, propylene glycol, liquid nicotine, only if desired, and a “tobacco scent”, have been tested for toxicity, but no long term studies tell us about safety. In the meantime, affiliate marketers are rushing to enjoy the potential profits.

One e-cigarette importer is suing the FDA. With the recent decline in trust toward the FDA, many supporters of electronic cigarettes insist they are a great product, and the controversy is political. The tobacco industry is threatened, as are makers of pharmaceuticals for smoking cessation. Each ingredient has been tested for safety by the FDA, including propylene glycol.

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E-cigarettes are the same size as a regular cigarette, but do not feel as light when held. Manufacturing of electronic cigarettes varies slightly, but the idea is a that the ingredients are contained within a cartridge with a mouthpiece.

Kate Rogers, state director for the American Cancer Society says, “There is no strong evidence that shows they improve one’s chances of quitting,” but consumers who have used e-cigarettes contend they definitely help, improving their chances of smoking cessation. Given the fact that tobacco contains a multitude of chemicals other than tobacco, electronic cigarettes seem great to most consumers who have lost trust in any organization enmeshed in big business.

E-cigarettes may offer a great option for smokers concerned about the long-term health effects of smoking chemical laden tobacco. Most smokers want to quit, but viable alternative fail many. You might think that given the burden on healthcare spending, and the individual health consequences associated with cigarettes, that someone would launch a study to put the e-cigarette controversy to rest – if electronic cigarettes can improve health by helping with tobacco addiction, making them readily available would be nothing short of good.

You can find a list of unapproved e-cigarette manufacturers at the at FDA.



As I sit here puffing on my invisismoke reading this article I begin to wonder if cigarettes themselves are approved by the FDA? I also wonder why Red Bull energy drinks are not being stopped by the FDA as they are not approved neither and they contain more stimulants than e-cigarettes? I have a feeling that the outcome of this is not being guided by whats best for Americas health but rather what is good for somebody's bank account. The only question is Who's bank account ? It is a shame, America used to be run by "The People" but not anymore! Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies, other big companies, and crooked politicians are now calling the shots, passing laws people do not like, controlling every aspect of "The Peoples" lives. There are so many laws in America that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for any one human being to learn them all even if they dedicated their whole life to doing nothing but learning laws! For every law written you loose a piece of Freedom plain and simple. Now knowing how many laws there are in America how can you call it a Free Country? It's Not! Welcome to the United Soviet States of America!
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