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Back pain treatment could solve erection problems

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Men who experience back pain and lower spine problems could also experience problems with erections. Irwin Goldstein, M.D., medical director of Alvarado Hospital’s Sexual Medicine Program—the first hospital-based sexual medicine program in the U.S.—and editor-in-chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, recently discovered that treating one patient’s back pain also cured his erection problems.

The patient had experienced a car accident, and complained of leg numbness, back pain and erectile dysfunction. “After completing the initial workup, we determined the problem was the patient’s pelvic floor muscles," Dr. Goldstein said. "We referred him to one of the hospital’s physical therapist who had advanced training in pelvic floor rehabilitation." Treating the back pain resulted in improvement in erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction drugs may not always be needed. Back pain treatment could improve erectile dysfunction long-term. Back injuries can cause trapping of blood. Men with back pain may be experiencing blood flow difficulties in the pelvis as the cause of erection problems.

According to Dr. Goldstein, pelvic muscles can become weak and spasm from back injuries, resulting in decreased sexual function from limited blood flow to the penis when muscles spasm.

Muscle energy, core and lumbar strengthening exercises to align the pelvis and relax the pelvic floor muscles, performed by Physical therapist and specialist Kerri Krebs, facilitated recovery. Following treatment, erectile function and leg numbness improved for the patient, who had seen several other physicians and also had been prescribed erectile dysfunction medication.

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Orthopedic spine specialist Ramin Raiszadeh, M.D warns however that men with back or pelvic pain, or who experience urinary incontinence need to see a specialist as soon as possible. Erection problems can be caused by …”other medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infection, inflammation and tumors."

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Other approaches to treat erectile dysfunction linked to back pain and injury include acupuncture, steroid injections, or massage.

Disc herniation,muscle spasm from inactivity and weakness and traumatic back injuries can also cause erection difficulties. Keeping your back in shape, and getting treatment for back pain could lead to improved sexual function and less difficulty with erections, and should be explored after more serious causes are ruled out. “If the sexual problem persists, the patient should see a sexual medicine specialist,” says Dr. Goldstein.

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A penile prosthesis or extender, also sometimes called a penis traction device or penis stretcher is another option you can choose. This is one of the better option as it is risk free and medically proven. On top of that, it may even add some inches to your member, if you're so inclined.
healthexpert: I don't think penis extenders help erectile dysfunction, though there is an FDA approved device to lengthen.
Where can I get a Penile Prosthesis or Extender I've been looking for a Extender for years please help is there a website you can purchase from cause my lower back throbs I believe it's a slipped disc my doctor wants a MRI when taking some pens pills they work sometimes sometimes not I can't even orgasm then get back erected like I use 2 please help your information will be warranted thanks
...interesting. The average MD just wants to give you a quick script and get on to the next paying customer. I wonder how many MD's would care about this approach even if they read your article. And PS...don't worry about those 20 seconds of disclaimers on the commercials...:)
I started a driving job four years ago and now have problems with my feet and for the last year ed. I go to a chiropractor and I do have low back problems. I went to a spine/nerve doctor and he did some test and said I did have some damage to my feet. He also said my back was damaged IE> a bulging disk, bone spurs and basically just go home and take it easy for the rest of my life( I am 65) I can work outside all day long and only have a lot of pan if I over do it. I don't take any meds except for Travatan eye drops. I do have a little blood sugar issue but I have lost 30 lbs. last year and am off of most all sugar. It usually is below 100 unless I have eaten a lot of carbs. I visited y medical doctor this week and he just tried to put me on meds. I think the setting and driving is the culprit and the chiropractor also thinks so but hasn't yet been able to help me. The back pain is about a 4 or 5 mot of the time and has been for many years. It doesn't keep me from doing things, I just live with it. Now the ed is a problem and I am on the hunt for a resolution for the problem or a least what is causing it.
Norman, best to you. Guidelines recommend screening for heart disease also when ED is a problem. You'll want to make sure your cholesterol is well controlled too. I'm so glad to hear you are staying active.
Norman, I have the same problems. I can do some work and some driving, but not a full shift of either. I like local driving jobs with both. I worked as a trash collecter, collecting small dumpsters with hydraulics. The Pilot truck stop sells a really cool butt pillow. It's memory foam with a perfect shape. Another thing that helps me is to lower my seat to put feet flat on the floor for long runs.
I had a back surgery 4 months ago laminectomy.I still have pain now my orthopedic doctor tell me I have a bulgin disc in my back .I feel a sharp in my back like every hour righ now my punis don't get hard at all .I can no longer please my wife what I can I do about it?
Hello, I seem to have the exact same problem.. I got hit in my lower back a few months ago, which got very tight afterwards and I think it messed up my already tilted pelvis even more. Since then I have some numbness in my legs and erectile difficulties, but in certain position my erection is almost back to normal. So there must be a problem in blood supply. What I wanted to ask: What specific exercises did Dr. Goldsteins Patient do ?
Hi and thank you for your question. Pelvic floor exercise are indeed specific but should be guided so you dont cause more injury. Exercises are geared toward each individual, which makes it hard to tell you specifics. I am sorry you are having symptoms. Do know that leg numbness could signal a disc problem, so please let your doctor guide you before doing any exercises. You can also search pelvic floor exercises to give you an idea of different types.
I have the exact same issue. I was hit in lower back in football and it tightened up really bad now have Ed issues. Been dealing with it for about a year. Chiropractor visits have helped sometimes, and meds, but it's very frustrating and I'm still searching for the right way to approach and treat it. I'm pretty sure I have nerve entrapment and X-rays show that I have spondylothesis which is a slippage of vertebrae. I believe my L5 over S4. If anyone can help please!! Thanks. Also I have fairly severe back pain on a regular basis. At its worst in the mornings. Long drives make it extremely worse also.
I literally have the exact same problem. From a football hit. Back got tight. Now the problem. We should talk on here. If you get this reply. Chiropracter helped me at times also at first. And oral medal but like you said I'm searching for the best way. It's very frustrating.
Thanks for your answer Kathleen. Good that we found each other here. Do you guys also have an excessive pelvic tilt or other postural problems, that got worse after the accident. Also how is your ed. I have problems getting blood to the glans mostly. I will visit an osteopath soon. lets see what happens. We should keep us updated here.
Not sure about pelvic tilt..doctor and chiropractor haven't mentioned that but I do often get a lot of pain near tailbone. ed has gotten worse unfortunately.. I Don not get any speratic erections...the only time I am able to achieve one is during and before sex..and that is with taking daily cialis. I have found that prelox natural sex also has been helpful. During sex I also have to avoid certain positions which I'm pretty sure is due to the way that spine is aligning during sex and certain positions. I have a lot of pain in low back when I lay on my stomach and that is when I experienced most issues during sex also...being on top in missionary position...so i would assume that this is not a coincidence. The whole situation has been very frustrating as I continue to search for answers..I have noticed that I have a lot of numbness...little feeling in penis...which I'm assuming is nerve/back related. The facts that I know of are as follows: I have a minor spondylothesis L5/s1. Moderate back pain off and on..can not fall asleep on stomach..must avoid! And also numbness in penis..as well as tailbone area. No random daily or morning erections anymore unless I'm taking cialis.
Hi dears if anyone of you any great solution which be easy and quality one . I will be honest I m sexualy really high I can't control from it so when I get it I do it when not then I use wank a lot so xoz of wanking my back lower bone hurts and my sperm quantity also not great as sperm quantity is being low and erection also the same shit . can anyone tell me how can I get healthy back and have a great sexual life
I am 23 yrs now but i have problem of erectile dysfunction ,loss of weight, lowback pain, coldness of the whole body, weakness of body its now 4years since it started so please help me
Strengthen your glutes (full hip extension especially) as these are powerful muscles that play a big role in pelvic floor health. Yet the glutes are inhibited in a lot of people because of sedentary lifestyle with tight hip flexors/rectus femoris. So balancing the hip complex and making it strong but flexible is crucial i think.
How can we get ahold of Dr. Goldstein or his treatment ideas? Your article describes my symptoms exactly. I am a wildland firefighter and I took a spill. After 18 months Labor And Industries still hasn't approved an MRI and I just got my first pain pills. I take Gabapentin and for a full week was completely symptom free but after that the pain, numbness and ED are all back. My physical therapist is almost out of ideas to treat me. I also haven't been to a chiropractor or massage therapist.
Hi Jesse: He is at the Alvarado Hospital’s Sexual Medicine Program. http://www.alvaradohospital.com/Programs-Services/Sexual-Medicine-Program.aspx