Child Dies From Hypothermia: Father Robert Aragon Charged

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The Associated Press has released the sad story of one child found dead in the Idaho snow, and another suffering from hypothermia, after their father, Robert Aragon, age 55, allowed the two siblings to attempt a ten-mile walk to their mother's home for a Christmas visit. The death occurred in Twin Falls, Idaho. The Aragon children were trying to walk in knee-deep winter snow.

Hypothermia occurs when the body can no longer produce enough heat to maintain normal body temperature. Severe hypothermia leads to respiratory and cardiac failure, then death. According to the Mayo Clinic , 700 people die each year in the United States as the result of hypothermia.

The tragedy involved 11-year-old Sage Aragon and her 12-year-old brother, Bear Aragon, who were riding with Robert Aragon when his truck became stuck in a snowdrift near state Highway 75, north of Shoshone in south-central Idaho. The family was enroute to the home of the children's mother, JoLeta Jenks, who lives in West Magic.


Robert Aragon stayed behind with his truck, as he and another adult tried to free the vehicle. The children were told to walk to their mother's home by Aragon. JoLeta Jenks later told the Times-News, "They didn't even call me, telling me they were walking."

Sage Aragon was found dead in the snow, as the result of hypothermia. Bear Aragon was found alive, near a rest area 4.5 miles from Robert Aragon's truck, wearing only long underwear. Police suspect he discarded his clothing after becoming delusional from the effects of hypothermia. It appears that the two separated from each other at some point during the chilly walk. According to JoLeta Jenks, Sage told her brother, "I'm going back". She was pronounced dead at a Ketchum hospital.

JoLeta Jenks is not married to Robert Aragon. She does not understand what prompted Aragon's decision to allow the children to walk to her home in knee-deep snow, at temperatures recorded from 27 degrees above zero to minus five. She says she knows that Robert Aragon is …"going through hell right now." It was JoLeta Aragon who alerted authorities to begin searching when no one showed up at her home.

Robert Aragon is being held in the Blaine County jail on a $500,000 bond. He appeared in the 5th fifth District Court, on December 29, after Judge Mark Ingram appointed a public defender for him. When Aragon was told he may face life imprisonment, he banged his head on the defendant's table in anguish, uttering, "Oh my God". Please be aware of the cause, symptoms and effects of hypothermia during the remaining winter months.



Did they have a cell phone to call her on? Why wouldn't he have gone to check on them when he got the car unstuck? To walk that many miles for such young people..that is wrong! I can see that they wanted to see their mother, but that is a little too far to be walking for anyone!
Kathleen I understand once the car was free, dad went home - I believe I read it in one of the news sources.
This is all the liberals' fault. They try and trick small-town folk into notions like global warming, and then kids die in knee-deep snow on Jesus's birthday. [email protected] LIBERALS!!!11!1
Now, talk about insight! Thanks - it is all mind boggling.
It's hearbreaking to imagine that poor little girls final moments. That family needed intervention long before this incident. Sadly Idaho is not a state that provides much in the way of education for people in need. They don't teach Repoductive Health, they don't provide parenting classes, and they don't offer a lot of support for single mothers. They lower taxes by releasing prison inmates before their full sentence is served. It's too late to help this girl now. The only thing that can be done is to prevent the next tragedy. Remember what Jesus taught: Love Thy Neighbor.
That is a beautiful sentiment. Your comments are insightful. Thank you.
It slays me that people with such little common sense as to allow a small child to walk in such conditions can be parents yet we have to have a license to drive and operate machine, have to be a certain age to smoke cigarettes or drink! Not only is the little girl gone and the father (and of course, the mother) grieving, but think of the surviving child, the little boy who lost his sister and nearly his own life that night. THAT little boy needs the love and attention and guidance to pull through this... because something this grossly irresponsible on the part of his father (a "dad" wouldn't be so careless!) is something he can only hope to get through-- never over.