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5 really quick workouts for weight loss

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Quick workouts for weight loss

Finding time to exercise is a burden for many reasons. The combination of working at a desk and other responsibilities often means no gym time for you. HIIT or high intensity interval exercises that you can do quickly anywhere can help with weight loss and are well worth considering.


These quick workouts can be done at home, during a commute or at lunch. You won't need any extra equipment. High intensity exercises are recently shown to have similar benefits that parallel endurance training.

1.Play your favorite music and dance like no one is watching. Below is a ten minute cardio blast to get you started in the right direction. This dance workout targets the abs and legs.

2. The next HIIT exercise only takes 14 minutes. All you need is a chair. Each exercise targets a different area of the body.

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3. Next is a ten minute workout that will help you burn calories. No equipment needed. All you need is the desire to lose weight and reach your fitness goals.

4. This is an effective 7-minute exercise that also shows modifications if you have trouble keeping up.

5.Jessica Smith shares a 5-minute workout that targets the whole body.

Really quick exercises can go a long way helping weight loss and improving health. Remember to speak with your doctor if you have been sedentary before engaging in any high intensity exercise. Finding ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine should be easy; no gym needed!

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