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5 diets that probably won't work: Look before you leap

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5 not so good diets to avoid

If you have tried dieting for weight loss and failed, know that you are not alone. Finding an eating plan that is nutritious and sustainable can be difficult. Instead of rounding up the best diets for 2017, we're doing the opposite.


Here are 5 diets you just need to avoid.

Detox diets

Any weight loss plan you choose has to be sustainable. While detoxing might seem like a good idea, there is no evidence that so-called cleansing diets will help you lose weight.

The diets allegedly detoxify the body. The absurdity is that the body cleanses itself naturally. Eating to purify has nothing directly to do with weight loss.

Detox diets aren't the same as fasting, to be clear.

You might lose weight initially, but most of the eating plans are not sustainable. It's also possible you can suffer from too few calories; thwarting your exercise plans and possibly your social life.

Cabbage diet

First of all, leave a comment if you love cabbage so much you can eat it every single day; each and every meal. I know I couldn't.

The diet might be a fast way to drop some pounds for a special occasion, but other than that you should scratch it off your list.

Not only does the cabbage diet lack essential nutrients - you'll also be starving because you can eat hardly anything else. It is so calorie restricted that your body goes into a state of rapid weight loss that is simply not sustainable and potentially dangerous.

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Blood type diet

This diet, eating based on your blood type for maximumal health was debunked

The diet's creator, Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, claims you can lose weight by getting rid of certain foods and focusing on others that cause inflammation and weight gain.

That's a good idea in general actually and it makes perfect sense scientifically. However, it has nothing to do with your blood type.

Nevertheless, the foods proposed that you should eat are healthy and nutritious and many people swear by following the plan.

Liquid diets

Again, if you're looking for fast weight loss you can drastically cut calories with a liquid diet that includes the likes of shakes, teas, smoothies or other low calorie beverages.

The problem is you can't stay on the diet long-term, which means you'll spend money and you'll just regain weight. You're also likely to feel too sluggish to exercise.

Paleo diet

This one that is to mimic the diet of our ancestors fell from grace about two years ago for several reasons:

  • It's confusing
  • High in saturated fat
  • You can't sustain weight loss
  • Our food and food sources aren't like our ancestors anyway

When it comes to sustained weight loss, there is no 'magic bullet' or quick remedy. Eating smaller portions and focusing on healthy foods like those found in the Mediterranean diet and exercising more is shown over and over again to be the best diet plan that you can stick to for life.

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