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5 more reasons to stop smoking that you can't ignore

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If you're trying to quit smoking, here are 5 more reasons for motivation.

Each year Americans make resolutions to change their lifestyle in ways that can make them happier and healthier. Weight loss and smoking cessation are among the top New Year's resolutions. There are more reasons to avoid tobacco than you might be aware of; found from 2012 studies.

Lower risk of sudden cardiac death
A study published December, 2012 shows tobacco, even in moderation, is deadlier for women than men. Even light smokers who are otherwise healthy are at higher risk for sudden cardiac death.

Researchers have known smoking boosts the risk of heart disease, but only recently discovered that even one cigarette a day can double the chances of sudden cardiac death, compared to non-smoking women.

For every 8 years of smoking, the risk a woman might die from sudden cardiac death increased by 8 percent, according to the findings.

Decreased pain
Another study published December, 2012 showed people with back pain experienced improvement in chronic back pain.

More than 5300 patients with a spinal disorder were included in the study. The participants were treated with and without surgery during an eight month period.

The results showed patients who continued to smoke experienced no improvement in pain. Those who quit or had never smoked had 'significantly' less back pain.

Ten more years of life
A study that included 1 million women that was published in the Lancet, October, 2012, showed eliminating tobacco can add 10 years to your life.

At the start of the investigation, 20% of participants were smokers, 28% were ex-smokers and 52% had never smoked.

The study found greater benefits from stopping smoking at a younger age. The study authors said the benefits of stopping smoking were greater than previously known.

The benefits of tobacco cessation after age 40 were ten times bigger than known. If you stop before age 40 you’re likely to add ten more years to your life.

Lower risk of cataracts
An October, 2012 study revealed smokers have higher risk of developing cataracts that occur with aging and are a leading cause of blindness and difficulty with vision in the world.

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Cataract surgery is an option, but comes with risks that can lead to permanent visual impairment. The cost of surgery is high, though most insurance companies cover a portion.

The finding came from a review of hospital cases and showed that everyone who smoked cigarettes had a higher risk of developing cataracts, though the reasons were unclear.

You might help save a life
In 2012 researchers discovered why passive smoking is so harmful.

For their study, researchers enrolled 55 healthy volunteers with an average age of 26. Exposure to passive smoke increased the affinity of the blood to clot, which can lead to heart attack and stroke, after just one hour.

The researchers suggested prolonged exposure to passive smoke could have an even more profound effect on increasing the risk of blood clots than seen in the study.

Other reasons for quitting smoking that are commonly known include lower risk of respiratory and cardiovascular disease, better financial health given the cost of tobacco, brighter teeth, a clear glowing complexion and more.

If you’re thinking of quitting smoking in the New Year, speak with your doctor for help. Prescription medications work for some people. If you’re looking for tips to stop smoking, read our top 25 suggestions.

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