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5 breast cancer videos that have inspired us

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5 inspirational videos for breast cancer awareness

Our first breast cancer video that we have chosen was posted on YouTube six years ago. The music and photographs will touch any woman affected by breast cancer and inspire others to run for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Two years ago disco singer Gloria Gaynor joined 200 breast cancer survivors in a surprise dance tribute at the Houston Galleria mall.

One week ago Breast Cancer Care asked us to share this video to help women coping with body image following mastectomy. Hear what one woman has to say about how she learned to value other things in life after her surgery.

Change of body image can have a negative impact on a woman's psyche due to body image and decreased sexual confidence.

Edith Sanford who created the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation posted her story of breast cancer just six-months ago. Diagnosed at age 35 Sanford was also told her cancer had spread to her liver.

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Sanford had a PET scan recently - her cancer, after 10-weeks of treatment is 95 percent gone. The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation is devoted to finding a breast cancer cure.

Ruth Monahan-Smith has a story to tell about surviving breast cancer that she shares here. One of the things that Monahan-Smith shares is the importance of exercise during treatment. For her, paddle boarding kept her going.

But just walking is recently shownto lower a woman's odds of breast cancer significantly.

Tracy Wright was hours away from a double mastectomy and had just had a C-section. Her baby girls were just 11 days old. Wright at 3 surgeries in five-weeks. Her story aired in March of this year. Now Tracy's prognosis is good - the chance her breast cancer will return is just 12 percent.

Her baby's first words were even caught on tape - which was what Tracy said she was living for.

Breast cancer can touch anyone's life, making it important to get your mammogram screenings per your doctor's recommendation. Early diagnosis offers the best potential for a cure, though we have made many advances this year in understanding the disease.