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Yogalosophy from Mandy Ingber claims a new workout

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Yogalosophy is being touted as a new workout, from Mandy Ingber, Jennifer Aniston’s fitness guru and friend. The idea behind Yogalosophy, according to Ingber, is to “sculpt sleek muscles and unwind your mind”.

The Yogalosophy video from Ingber includes an introduction from Jennifer Aniston who says, “Mandy brought yoga into my life. I’m excited for you to get to experience her, too. This workout will change your body and your mind.” Yogalosophy is a word made up by Mandy Ingber.

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The creator of Yogalosophy says “no one is so... famous that they don’t have to take care of their body in some way”. She explains that yoga provides the ability to observe oneself – creating the “osophy” part of her workout.

It seems like Yogalosophy has given yoga a new face. With Jennifer Aniston’s helpful promotion, by hosting a party for the DVD launch, yoga may get some fresh recruits. Reportedly, Aniston and Mandy Ingber have become good friends.

The Yogalosophy video consists of two thirty minute yoga routines, and a 55 minute challenging series of poses, complete with music. If you are looking for a new workout, you may want to consider Yogalosophy, just like Jennifer Aniston who says, "It's one of the most fun workouts I've ever had,"