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Sexercise for women gaining momentum

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Sexercise for women is not new, but is gaining momentum. The concept is not exactly what the term suggests at first glance. Sexercise for women provides strength to pelvic muscles, an important component for successful aging to avoid urinary incontinence, and toning following childbirth….and yes, sexercise can improve sexual function for a variety of reasons.

Sexercise for women improves health because of the same principles that apply to Kegel exercises. Performing sexercise is obviously more fun with your partner, but either way leads to fitness gains. One such fun sexercise includes the lap dance position – straddle your partner while he sits on a yoga ball, chair or end of the bed. For balance, lean back, or just hold on to work abdominal muscles.

According to the NHS in Britain, from 2006, sexercise can lower risk of heart attack - referring to enthusiastic sex. However, sexercise for women that is gaining momentum focuses on specific exercises, like “sexy scissors”. Lie on your back, put your legs in the air, and perform scissor like movements. Use your imagination from here. The “sexy scissor” movements improve fitness in the bedroom, and can be practiced during sex.

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Sexercise for women is done in preparation for sexual activity, or can be performed with a partner during sex. Lying on your back, bend your knees and repeatedly lift your pelvis up and down with your arms at your sides, as an example. Again, you can see how sexercise prepares for a better sexual experience, or can be used during sex to maintain and improve fitness.

A great collection of videos that include sexercise for women - and men - comes from the innovative website, Screw The Gym. You can purchase an exercise video full of fun fitness ideas that you might enjoy a lot more than traditional exercise. The site offers a variety of very nontraditional ways to keep in shape while doing laundry, ironing and even vacuuming. You may also want to look at Ann Summers book, Sexercise, to get fit, and spice up your love life at the same time.

Sexercise for women can keep pelvic floor muscles that can in turn prevent urinary incontinence, as well as uterine and bladder prolapse. Sexercise for women is not just about better sex, and in truth, is not just for women. The combination of fun and exercise is definitely worth exploring - alone or with a partner. For women, sexercise has benefits that can improve quality of life and prevent common problems experienced from lack of pelvic floor strength and abdominal tone.

Sexercise – Ann Summers