No Back Strain Recumbent Bike Stows Away Easily

Kathleen Blanchard's picture

We have been scouting about again, and found a no back strain recumbent bike that folds easily for out of site storage. The recumbent bike, from Hammacher Schlemmer, is priced well, at $199.95, and makes vital exercise easier and a lot more comfortable, when compared to other stationary bikes.

The folding recumbent bike lets you sit upright, without hunching over, reducing back strain. The seat is more comfortable than a regular bicycle seat. The folding recumbent bike lets you sit with your back supported while you pedal, much like a chair.

Upright recumbent bikes are becoming popular. This bike, because it stores easily, can be put into a closet or other small space. It stores to half its size.


If you pedal slowly, you can burn calories. In fact, slow pedaling burns more calories, so even if you have been somewhat sedentary, the recumbent bike should help you start on a weight loss program, without fear of back injury. A heartier workout on the recumbent bike offers cardiovascular benefits, and of course, boosts calorie burning.

The recumbent bike weighs 48 pounds, rolls for easy storage, and measures your workouts times, calories burned and speed, with an LCD display.

Comfortable exercise may seem like an oxymoron. With a stationary, no back strain recumbent bicycle, we think you really can gain some health benefits, lose some weight, and increase cardiovascular fitness – comfortably.

Foldaway Recumbent Bike