Be a Cowgirl and get fit with iGallop

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Horseback riding is a good for overall fitness. Now you can bring your cowgirl and fitness fantasies into the comfort of your own home. The iGallop looks daunting, and may even seem ludicrous at first glance, but there is good enough reason to believe it works.

The iGallop works your core muscles, essential for a strong back, and injury prevention. The iGallop really does tone your whole body. The iGallop improves balance and coordination, by targeting large muscle groups, including the abdominals, hips, thighs and gluts. Advanced exercises target the arms, and shoulders.

The iGallop was first introduced in Hong Kong and Singapore through a series of somewhat unwholesome marketing tactics. No doubt, the movement of the iGallop begs for that. Some say the iGallop is a sex toy in disguise, but there is no reason at all that the iGallop should not work to tone, strengthen, improve balance, and increase flexibility – and yes, it may make you giggle.


Many horse-riders like the iGallop for pre-training. Balancing on the iGallop and using it appropriately for fitness is not easy. The iGallop delivers challenges ranging from a trot to a race, but most say it only remotely resembles the feel of riding a horse. The multiple directions of the iGallop mandate that you maintain balance, naturally engaging your core. The exercises are low impact, making the iGallop ideal for anyone with back or knee problems.

Unfortunately, the iGallop has been the brunt of multiple streams of jokes, which can be found all over the internet. We can point out that good health comes in many forms. A good laugh is very healthy, as is improved circulation to all of our body parts. That having been said, iGallop fits the bill, in many ways.

It may be best to watch the video from Brookstone to decide for yourself whether the iGallop is worthy for overall fitness. Is the iGallop really just an expensive sex toy? No, it is much more than that. The iGallop is a bit pricey. The iGallop costs $599, but it can be purchased for $299 on sale…when it arrives back in stock that is.

You can watch the official iGallop video here.



After the big lunch at the food court, I go straight to Brookstone and ride the igallop for 5 minutes. I tell this little horse machine is an excellent core exercise for senior citizens like me. It has immediate impact on my core muscles (front, sides and back) and refresh my balance sensitivity that I believe would help me more agile. I hesitate to buy igallop because of the price. I believe that I will but igallop if down to $140 and a 3-year warranty for parts and labor. Thanks - EAA
Wow! Thank you. Strong core muscles ARE important to reduce risk of injury and improve balance - you have added a great comment.
does anyone know where to buy the instructional DVD and/or user guide for the igallop?