Free Twelve Weeks of Kettlebell Workout for Weight Loss and Strength

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Kettlebell workout and exercise

You may want to consider getting your kettlebell for a free twelve-week workout program of kettlebell exercise. The kettlebell workout program is designed for beginners, but becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress to your strengthening goals.

The company offering the free kettlebell program is based in Orange County, California. Founder and member of the kettlebell workout exercise program, Marcus Martinez, says, "We'd like to help people achieve their goals by using high-efficiency training methods, such as kettlebell exercises."

Kettlebell workout has already become extremely popular form of exercise, as people look for alternatives for weight loss and strengthening. Naturally, the company guarantees that kettlebell exercise will yield fantastic results. Martinez says, "This free workout plan will enable anyone to achieve awesome improvements in physical performance and looks."

The first twelve weeks are free for anyone interested in kettlebell exercise. Over the next several months, the company, Mbody, plans to launch a series of kettlebell exercise programs geared toward specific goals, such as sports-training, strengthening, fat loss and building muscle.


The premise of kettlebell exercise is that it uses all the muscles of the body to help with overall fitness and weight loss. Using all muscles of the body should speed metabolism, resulting in more rapid weight loss, when compared to exercises that isolate specific muscle groups.

Kettlebells are weighted, and made from cast iron. You swing, fling, and catch kettlebells during exercise. You can use them to add difficulty to lunges and squats.

According to Marcus Martinez, you do not have to be an extreme athlete to start a kettlebell exercise program at home. Kettlebell exercises are used by military personnel and extreme athletes alike. Kettlebells were developed in Russia, and have been around for a long time.

The best news is that twelve free weeks of kettlebell exercise is free from Mbody. You will want to shop for kettlebells that fit your level of exercise.

As with any exercise plan, you should first speak with your doctor, especially if you have been inactive. Kettlebell exercise is a trend that many people are just now discovering, though the concept is not new.

Kettlebell workout classes can be found in local gyms and on DVD as well. Mbody offers free instruction, thus the mention. If you search the web you will find many resources that include kettlebell exercise tips and videos.



I am really excited about using kettlebells to get into shape.
Hi! Thanks for sharing that. We would LOVE to hear some feedback in - say - six to eight weeks after you start? Thanks!
I'm late to the kettlebell party. Is this workout still available somewhere on line?
I'm not sure about this one, but there are plenty if you search free kettlebell workout.