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4 Ingredient diabetic recipes: You'll want this one now

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4 Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook

Meal planning for diabetes can be confusing and even expensive. The reality is you can make delicious healthy meals to manage diabetes with just 4 ingredients and we have a recipe to share that you'll want now.


As a means to that end, Nancy S. Hughes provides simple easy recipes. Nancy is a food consultant who has written 18 cookbooks and is credited for developing more than 7000 recipes.

Hughes’ latest offering is the 4 Ingredient Diabetic Cookbook, with 150 quick and easy recipes that are low-cost, easy, diabetes friendly, heart healthy and yummy. You can adjust the meals easily to add variety and satiety to your meals.

A handful of ingredients

With just handful of ingredients you can make tasty diabetic recipes. Try this Fruit Scoop Muffin Cobbler diabetic recipe.


SERVING SIZE about 2/3 cup
PREP TIME 5 minutes
COOK TIME 1 hour and 15 minutes

1 pound frozen sliced peaches, partially thawed
12 ounces frozen raspberries, partially thawed1
(7-ounce) package blueberry muffin mix (such as Martha White)
3 tablespoons canola oil

1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. Place the peaches and raspberries in a 13-inch by 9-inch baking dish coated with cooking spray. Sprinkle the dry muffin mix evenly over all, drizzle the oil over all and bake 1 hour and 15minutes or until golden.

COOK’S TIP: This makes a great dessert, but it also makes a great breakfast side to chicken or turkey sausage or Canadian bacon.

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1 1/2 Fruit
1/2 Starch
1 Fat

Calories 160
Calories from Fat 60
Total Fat 6.0 g
Saturated Fat 0.7 g
Trans Fat 0.0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 120 mg
Potassium 180 mgT
otal Carbohydrate 26 g
Dietary Fiber 4 g
Sugars 15 g
Protein 2 g
Phosphorus 80 mg

Here are some more recipes you’ll find in the book:

  • Double-Duty Banana Pancakes
  • Pork and Avocado Salad
  • Panko and Ranch Chicken Strips with Dipping Sauce
  • Sriracha Roasted Pork with Sweet Potatoes
  • Sirloin Hoagies
  • Fruit-Scoop Muffin Cobbler
  • Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Layered Pie

The 4 Ingredient Diabetic Cookbook is a 2nd edition and include new veggie recipes, smoothies and delicious ways to incorporate blood sugar controlling, weight loss friendly grains into your diet.

Nancy also has a shopping tip to share as well as her favorite recipe.

Plannning for the grocery store

“Make a “category” grocery list, such as a column for produce, dairy, meats/seafood, frozen, canned…ETC. Then have a bunch of copies made, keep them in a kitchen or office drawer so you can add to it as you think of items and while you’re making the menus for the week. It keeps your energies high in the store and focused on what you really need!”

She also says you won’t want to miss the Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Layered Pie on page 205 that is simply her favorite.

Photos, Recipe: ©2016 by the American Diabetes Association, Inc.® To order this book, please call 1-800-232-6733 or order online at ShopDiabetes.org.

Updated 2/17/2017