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Calculate death risk rankings online

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Death risk rankings, a new website from Carnegie Mellon, allows you to calculate your death risk rankings over the next year. The website tells you where you rank in terms of dying for up to 66 causes of death. Death risk rankings was developed to provide valuable health information that compares disease rates, risk of death based on ethnicity, and location.

Death risk rankings is also designed to help regulatory policy makers track human health trends. The site was developed through a coordinated effort between the Carnegie Mellon team and the Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation.

Death risk ranking calculates risk of dying in MicroMorts. You can find predictions about the causes of dying in your locale, in any age group, ethnicity, and by cause. A MicroMort is a one in million chance of death.

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Death risk rankings can also be converted to number of deaths, percentage, number of people in each category.

Predictions delivered by death risk rankings is a new and innovative technology, designed by Carnegie Mellon researchers to help regulatory agencies track leading causes of death across the globe. In addition to death risk rankings, Carnegie Mellon is working to multiple interactive tools “in areas traffic safety, mortality risk, vehicle technology, and hospital admissions.”

Source: DeathRiskRankings.com

Updated March 30, 2014



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