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Doctors can now predict aggressive prostate cancer

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Researchers have found a way for doctors to predict aggressive prostate cancer. Men who have elevated PSA levels, and undergo prostate biopsy with negative results often develop aggressive prostate cancer, but until now, scientists have not understood why.

New findings show that prostate cancer cells “hide”, escaping biopsy and traditional tests, but with the use of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), physicians can predict whether prostate cancer will become aggressive.

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Study author Dr. Nathan Lawrentschuk, Urologic Oncology Fellow, at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Cancer Program, University Health Network says, "Our findings identify a specific high-risk group whose tumours are difficult to diagnose because of location. These men benefit from MRI, which guides the biopsy procedure with a high degree of accuracy. The research team calls the clinical presentation of elevated PSA and repeated negative biopsy results in 'prostate evasive anterior tumour syndrome' (PEATS)."

Understanding where prostate cancer cells can hide can help predict future aggressive prostate cancer in men who are actively being monitored with PSA testing and biopsy and have slow growing prostate cancer. Lead investigator Dr. Neil Fleshner, Head of the Division of Urology, Princess Margaret Hospital, says, “Every man does not need an MRI, but knowing about PEATS will help us identify those who do."

Doctors have not known how to predict aggressive prostate cancer. Knowing how to find hidden prostate cancer cells using MRI guided biopsy is now shown to help predict aggressive prostate cancer. MRI was able to help diagnose hidden prostate tumours 87 percent of the time in 31 men studied, and could help predict aggressive prostate cancer in a large percentage of men.

Reference: University Health Network



I'm concerned about the story on your site claiming scientists have made a breakthrough on the holy grail prostate cancer issue. Your last paragraph gives it away - they might have found something that will lead to doctors being able to identify patients who need treatment and those whose cancer is indolent. This is dangerous and misleading journalism and you should be ashamed.
Chemo fails 97% of the time ..in fact it's the chemo that kills you there's a lot of money in it for the hospital .more people making a living off cancer than there are cancer patients it's genocide for money .i saw them chemo a 5 year old to death he going to die anyway but they kept at it.