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Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk Focusing On Greens

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Prostate Cancer prevention by fruits and vegetables

A new analysis of data suggests that men can reduce risk of prostate cancer by focusing on fruit and vegetables consumption, reducing red meat intake, and watching calories from fat. A focus on eating fruits and vegetables also helps with prostate cancer treatment.

A review of existing data, published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, shows that consuming tomatoes, green tea, cauliflower, and vitamin E and selenium can reduce risk of prostate cancer, combined with focusing on lower consumption of high fat foods.

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To find the recommendations to reduce risk of prostate cancer and treat existing cancer, Robert W.-L. Ma and K. Chapman conducted an extensive review of existing data of dietary interventions. In addition to increasing fruit and vegetables in the diet, the authors also found that avoiding dairy products, calcium, and excessive meat consumption is beneficial for lowering prostate cancer risk.

The risk of developing prostate cancer seems to be strongly linked to charcoaled meat, dairy products and fats.

The authors say focusing on diet to include increased fruit and vegetable consumption, less dairy, less fat, and limited meat consumption during prostate cancer treatment…,” allows patients to be an active participant in their treatment.” Though the study is not conclusive, it appears that focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables, combined with other dietary modifications, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Source: Blackwell Publishing