Do Mega Millions From the Lottery make a Winner?

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Winning mega millions in the lottery may or may not lead to happiness and health, though everyone dreams of being a winner in the lottery. Happiness is essential for good health. Does being a winner of mega millions in the lottery promote happiness and good health? Some studies suggest not.

Past research shows that winning mega millions may not be exactly a dream come true for lottery winners. (1) It is possible too much wealth leads to unhealthy habits and mental distress about how to manage money, while keeping it away from the taxman. Within five years, five percent of lottery winners declare bankruptcy. Becoming an instant millionaire may deserve a second look as it relates to health and well-being. However, winning small amounts in the lottery seems to lead to better health. Mega-millions do not necessarily equate to health and happiness.

According to a past interview with psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers, winning mega millions in the lottery can also bring misery.


“You can't buy happiness. We all seem to have a set point for happiness, which is probably genetically as well as environmentally affected. A great windfall can make us joyous for the moment, but after a while we discover that there are all sorts of downsides to it. For example, lottery winners who work a day-to-day job may think that this will mean happiness for life. But it doesn't turn out that way. They find that their co-workers feel resentful. They lose friends because some try to borrow money. It's not exactly what they thought.” Such was the case with Jack Whittaker who won $314 million in the Powerball jackpot lottery on Christmas Day 2002. His mega-millions only led to misery for himself and everyone around him. (2)

Whittaker who won mega millions ended up drinking, gambling, robbed, spending large amounts of money in strip clubs, and ultimately divorced because he won the lottery.

Regardless of whether you are a winner of the mega millions lottery, or just pine to someday win the lottery, make it your intention to be happy now. Do the things you want to do, within the confines of what you possess now. When it is your turn to win mega-millions in the lottery, you will realize you were a winner all along. True happiness comes from real friends, love and social support - in turn leading to the best of mental and physical health.