Drug overdose sends Alexa Ray Joel to hospital

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Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of super model Christie Brinkley and iconic singer/ songwriter Billy Joel was taken to a hospital in Manhattan after ingesting eight pills. The drug overdose is not officially known to be intentional, though some sources do say the drug overdose was a suicide attempt. Alexa Ray Joel is reportedly in stable condition after receiving treatment.

Like her father, Alexa Ray Joel is musically talented. Her song “Invisible” was the debut on a 2006 album. According to reports, Alexa described herself as “forgotten”

In a MySpace blog post this summer. She wrote, I don't like dating!!! Wish I could be in a relationship again without having to date. "I HATE going out!! I'm a homebody and a workaholic ... I don't like going out and drinking to meet men!!! I always have to drag myself out the door to get up the motivation to go out, and when I do go out, I don't meet anybody!!!"


"She is stable. The doctors are assessing her needs at this moment”, according to a report from Alexa Ray Joel’s publicist Claire Mercuri.

Alexa Ray Joel was rushed to the hospital with difficulty breathing, an indication of central nervous system depression from sleeping pills, believed to be the drug causing the overdose. A friend called 911 today around 12:30pm. Joel is hospitalized at St. Vincent Medical Center in Manhattan.

Alexa Ray Joel has been battling depression according to the NY Daily News. Often, overdosing on drugs is a cry for help. The lyrics to “Invisible” - a soulful song - include “But this pain is growing - And though I keep on going - I don't feel that I'm OK.” Joel wrote the lyrics.

Alexa Ray Joel has a Facebook wall full of get well wishes from devoted fans, many of whom allude they have faced hardship and depression. You can add get well wishes to show support at http://www.facebook.com/alexarayjoel.


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