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Earth Day 2010 is also about Better Health and Quality of Life

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Earth Day 2010 is not just about recycling or climate change – it’s about better health. Regardless of whether you subscribe to the notion of global warming, cleaning up our planet by getting involved in an Earth Day event can provide the impetus needed for our lawmakers to listen to needed changes that can have a positive impact on global health. This year, Earth Day is April 22, and is the 40th anniversary of the event.

The effect of pollution and respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer is well documented. Unfriendly chemicals that include BPA, toxins in cosmetics, and environmental pesticides that find their way into our food sources and environment have a negative impact on global health that many choose to ignore. Over time, the culmination of environmental influences combined with genetic predisposition to disease takes a toll on health and on a global scale. Earth Day 2010 offers an opportunity to become involved in changing the status quo.

Particularly important for human health is the impact of even low level pollution that has been found to increase asthma risk for children, lead to inflammation in the blood vessels that can produce heart disease, and increase the risk of recurring heart attack. Air pollution affects unborn babies and can lower IQ levels. This year, during Earth Day 2010 you can make a difference by joining other like minded individuals that clean living can reduce healthcare costs, improve quality of life, and lead to better heath.

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Harmful particulate matter in the environment was found in a 2009 study to damage genes in just three days, in research designed to measure lung cancer risk among foundry workers. Earth Day 2010 has launched a rally to be held in Washington to urge lawmakers to enact climate and clean energy legislation this year.

Earth Day 2010 is not just about politics and personal opinions. It is about global health, and the impact of living on a less toxic planet. Health concerns are real.There is no longer a question that an environmental movement is necessary to protect individual and planetary health, evidenced by soaring rates of asthma, allergies, heart disease, cancer and birth defects – all of which are linked to interactions with genes and our environment that also affects pollution levels in our homes. Indoor pollution has also been linked to heart disease risk, but little has been done while money flows to produce medications to lower the risk of heart attack.

Join the Earth Day 2010 movement and make a statement about your individual right to a healthier planet that will in turn decrease the incidence of a wide array of diseases, lead to sustainable and healthier food and energy options and help us all live longer and better quality lives. Earth Day 2010 is one way to get involved and make a loud statement to let lawmakers know you care about your own health and well being. We are all literally sick from the status quo. Join in an activity that can promote better health and improve quality of life verus spending money on developing more drugs and healthcare visits.

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