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You can help Haiti following devastating earthquake

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You can donate to help Haiti following the devastating earthquake, a 7.1 magnitude that has toppled hospitals, homes, buried Haitians in rubble, and disrupted communications.

The earthquake struck the Caribbean nation today, and occurred near the capital Port-au-Prince. Agencies that are rushing to aid Haiti include the American Red Cross, The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), who have pledged $200,000 in immediate aid for shelter, food and water, and medical assistance following the devastation, and The Red Cross pledged an initial $200,000 in aid. "We do have staff on the ground - we have not been able to reach them," said Red Cross spokesman Abbi Weaver.

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UNICEF is asking for donations, as hundreds are feared dead in Haiti from the earthquake. You can help at the UNICEF website, or If you wish to donate by phone, call 1-800-4UNICEF. The population of Haiti is 9.6 million, and it is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere.

Raymond Joseph, Haiti's ambassador to the U.S. told CNN's Wolf Blitzer by telephone, "I'm calling on all friends of Haiti and people who are listening to me to please come to our aid." You can also donate to help Haiti at the following:

World Vision
Mercy Corps
Yele Haiti
Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Go to one of the websites, or call UNICEF so you can help the residents of Haiti obtain help following today’s earthquake, even if it is just $5.00. You can also visit the San Francisco Chronicle for frequent updates of legitimate organizations to help Haiti, in dire need of immediate help.