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Brittany Murphy autopsy results preliminarily released

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Brittany Murphy autopsy results have yielded no definite cause of death. Preliminary results from the LA coroner have been released, and there are no signs of foul play. The complete results of Brittany Murphy’s autopsy will take several weeks, pending histopathology and toxicology reports.

The actress also was not reported to have been emaciated, or showing other outward signs of malnourishment or anorexia, contrary to some speculation about what the autopsy report of Brittany might show.

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Before the autopsy results for Brittany Murphy can be conclusive, it will be necessary to determine what, if any drugs were in her system. When cause of death is unknown, toxicology screening is performed. It is standard to conducts testing for infection and other causes of death, taken from tissue samples.

According to Ed Winter, a spokesman for the LA coroner's office, the autopsy of Brittany Murphy is complete, but a definite cause of death cannot yet be determined.

Brittany Murphy was taking prescription drugs for a medical illness – reportedly flu symptoms when she became increasing more ill, and started vomiting. She was found unconscious in the shower, but paramedics and hospital personnel were unable to revive the 32 year old actress, who has been so far reported to have died from natural causes, as the result of cardiac arrest. Autopsy results for Brittany Murphy will not be conclusive for weeks, but preliminarily, there were no signs of foul play, and no evidence of trauma.

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