Diprivan Under Close Scrutiny

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No one knows who gave Diprivan (propofol) to Michael Jackson. The powerful sedative, used to induce anesthesia, is supposed to be strictly regulated. Diprivan does put people to sleep, and is only used in a hospital or clinical setting. It is given intravenously, How Michael Jackson obtained Diprivan, and why he even thought to use the drug is under close scrutiny.

Diprivan is a powerful sedative. It would be difficult for a physician, to obtain Diprivan without strict documentation of why, where and for what. The hypnotic/sedative properties of propofol require close supervision and monitoring for changes in breathing and heart rate. Oxygen is usually administered to patients under sedation with drugs like propofol.


Diprivan also burns when it is injected. It is normal to use Lidocaine, a numbing agent, before giving IV drugs that are uncomfortable. Lidocaine was also found at Michael Jackson’s home, raising more scrutiny about the propofol.

Dr. Neil Ratner, an anesthesiologist reportedly traveled with Michael Jackson in the 1990’s, but has not commented. A nurse in California, Cherilyn Lee, says Jackson asked her for the drug so he could get some sleep.

Diprivan is well stocked in hospital operating rooms. It is a popular anesthetic. How Michael Jackson obtained Diprivan will remain the subject of close scrutiny. This certainly would be considered an “off label use” of propofol. Patients who receive the drug go to sleep fast, and wake up refreshed. When the intravenous drip used to give the drug is discontinued, the drug wears off quickly. It is considered safe in the right setting.