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Celebrate World Water Day March 22

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Water Flow

World Water Day arrives March 22. Two documentaries - Flow and Water – remind us that we need clean fresh water for life. However, we also likely face a water crisis. We may even be taking our water for granted. The documentaries are both provocative and eye opening, as well as beautifully photographed.

Each documentary foresees a water crisis. The documentary Flow, tells us that as humans change the climate, we can no longer assume we will have water forever. The implication is that water privatization will grow two to three times the economy over the next twenty years. Those who market water may ultimately sell only to those who can buy.

According to the documentary “Who owns the water for survival, owns you”. The film shows the wide reach of multinational cartels that control our water services.

Flow, from Irena Salina, is an award-winning documentary that we all should consider watching. It is intelligent, and convincingly identifies a potential water crisis. The film also provides practical solutions. The New York Times says Flow is “An astonishingly wide-ranging film. An informed and heartfelt examination of the tug of war between public health and private interests."

The Flow film ends with petition, urging acknowledgment of public rights to water. Water services, even in the face of drought, continue to pump water to areas strictly for monetary gains, negating local needs. Salina’s film documents well, how huge corporations have coaxed poor farmers and urbanites into buying water that is less than pure.

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The second documentary – Water – describes how degradation of water occurs as it is pumped through municipal pipes. Water questions whether degraded water for drinking is even good for our health, showing how natural sources of water produce perfectly structured crystals – something that cannot happen in pipes

Neither documentary is new. However, since March 22 is World Water Day, why not share and explore?

Water is the “fundamental building block of life itself". As World Water Day approaches, now is a good time to promote public awareness and increase reverence toward water, our most valuable asset for survival. Without fresh clean water, we have nothing.

Watch the Water Trailer here.

Watch the Flow Trailer here.

Sign the petition for clean and accessible water here.



Yes! and thank you for this article. This is probably the best short article on this subject--- and it is the most powerful and dynamic in its brevity. FLOW is a great documentary. Again, thanks for putting this together! Regards, DrDax