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Keep Moving With Under The Desk Pedal Exerciser

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Under The Desk Pedal Exerciser

We all recognize the importance of exercise, or just moving for that matter. The under-the-desk pedal exerciser is a handy little device that can increase alertness, keep you moving, and burn some calories when you are working long hours at a desk. It can also keep your legs healthy, preventing swelling and broken blood vessels from sitting too much.

There are several models of under the desk pedal exercisers available. The least expensive under the desk pedal exerciser costs around $19.95, and weighs just five pounds, from Isokinetics. It arrives nicely packaged and already assembled to take to your desk, where you can peddle unobtrusively while working.

You may be able to burn a few calories, but of course the under the desk pedal exerciser is not a workout comparable to the gym, nor should it replace moderate to vigorous exercise activity. However, rather than just sitting, the under the desk pedal exerciser has a lot to offer for improving circulation and burning a few calories while working at your desk.

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You have to make sure your desk is high enough, or you will find your knees making contact with the desk. Talking on the phone while peddling under the desk is a great way to improve blood flow. Moving your legs enhances circulation to all parts of the body, improving alertness and increasing mental clarity.

The under the desk pedal exerciser can also help prevent varicose veins and ankle swelling induced by sitting too long. Pressure on the back of the knees from sitting at a desk causes the veins to become engorged, leading to incompetency of the valves inside the leg veins. Once that happens, your legs are prone to swelling, pain, and unsightly varicose veins.

The under the desk pedal exerciser is fine to use in front of the TV too. If you put the under the desk pedal exerciser on top of your desk, you can really increase your heart rate by using your arms to turn the pedals.

We think just moving is important. Working long hours at a desk takes a toll on the health of your legs, and is just entirely too sedentary for overall health and well-being. The under the desk pedal exerciser has something good to offer anyone who sits for long hours.

You can buy the Isokinetic under the desk pedal exerciser at Amazon. See Isokinetic's rating at Reizit.