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Flat Belly Diet no longer just for women

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Everyone has heard of the Flat Belly Diet, but now, men can melt unwanted belly fat with the Flat Belly Diet for Men, the newest brainchild of Liz Vaccariello and D. Milton Stokes MPH RD CDN. Rather than “Sassy Water”, men start the diet by drinking “Fire Water”, allegedly ridding the body of flatulence, constipation, and boosting metabolism. The recipe is the same as Sassy Water, with a bit of hot sauce added. Fire Water, part of the Flat Belly Diet for men, contains hot sauce, ginger, cucumber, lemon, spearmint, and cayenne pepper.

The major health impact of having too much fat around the waist is that it leads to a wide array of disease risks that include metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, and possibly some types of cancer. The Flat Belly Diet for Men aims to help men get rid of dangerous belly fat, using the same principles as the original Flat Belly Diet, aimed at women, that has been shown in studies to reduce belly fat by thirty-three percent.

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For men, the Flat Belly Diet starts with the Four-Day Flat Abs Kickstart, followed by the Four-Week MUFA Meal Plan. MUFA’s have been touted by the Flat Belly Diet authors for their role in reducing visceral fat. The notion is supported in some studies, but is still questioned by some experts. Still, the Flat Belly Diet has produced results. MUFA’s are monounsaturated fats, found in foods like walnuts, almonds, dark chocolate, olives, and avocados that are to be eaten with each meal to flatten the stomach and melt belly fat.

The Flat Belly Diet for Men is offered by Rodale Press. The diet plan claims men can lose three inches of waist size in 32 days, and comes with a money back guarantee. The book is available for a free 21 day trial from the publisher, and includes a free Restaurant Rescue Guide. In contrast to women who can eat four 400 calorie meals daily, men can eat five.

Just in time for the New Year, a time when many of us make weight loss resolutions, and just like last year’s “Flat Belly Diet”, the Flat Belly Diet for Men arrives. The authors say you do not have to exercise to reap the benefits, but exercise is an essential component for any weight loss diet and healthy lifestyle.

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