Make it a Happy New Year with Nordic walking for calorie burning

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Now that you have made the decision to burn calories to make it a Happy New Year 2010, you may want to consider Nordic walking. The idea is to walk with poles originally designed for skiing. Nordic walking can burn more calories compared to regular brisk walking, making it great for anyone desiring to start slow and advance their work out efforts to just about any level.

As you walk, the arms swing providing more effort in the upper body and more calories burned. Nordic walking is widely practiced in Europe. The exertion perceived by an individual is about the same as a brisk walk, making Nordic walking good for any fitness level. Burning more calories leads to weight loss.

Poles for Nordic walking are available from several manufacturers, including LEKI, Fittrek, Exel, and Tone’nTrek. Poles can be purchased that fit your height; others are adjustable for sharing. Consider taking your pedometer to measure your fitness gains in distance throughout the New Year.


The idea of Nordic walking is to place the rubber tips on the ground as you walk, swinging the arms and extending as if ready to give a hand shake. When you walk with the poles, you are using muscles you would not ordinarily use with a simple walk, while keeping the elbows slightly bent. A study from Cooper Institute showed that Nordic walking can burn 20 to 46 percent more calories than just walking briskly.

Nordic walking opens the chest for improved posture, and reduces stress on the joints. Each time you swing the poles, you push against the ground. A Nordic walk using poles is more invigorating and could be just the metabolism boost needed to lose weight in the New Year, especially if walking alone has not been doing the trick.

Use the poles during walking to help push forward in grass and soft surfaces. It is important to choose good poles for Nordic walking. Make it a Happy New Year by finding a fitness routine that propels you into a healthier and happier New Year. For those who are still searching for a new fitness routine, consider Nordic walking for weight loss and a metabolic boost that can tone, reduce stress on the joints, and burn more calories.

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