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Free web games improve brain health

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Free web based brain games

Over 4000 educational games that can boost brain function are available from ProProfs Brain Games. The site offers free games, in addition to an advanced feature that allows the user to create specific games with specific subject matter. Teachers have the option of engaging students by creating fun an interactive educational tools targeted to a specific subject matter.

The free web game site, www.ProProfs.com, offers customizable games that can also be embedded into blogs and other websites and can be shared with others through social media.

Sameer Bhatia, Founder and President of ProProfs.com. says, "With thousands of games to choose from, ProProfs Brain Games has something fun for everyone, including bloggers, teachers and students, parents searching for a way to spend time with their kids, or even just casual gamers looking to flex their mental muscles."

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In addition to customizable games, free web games from ProProfs.com, a leader in free online knowledge sharing tools, include Sudoku, word searches, and chess.

Bhatia said. "ProProfs Brain Games provide clean, safe and educational family fun that strengthens young minds instead of distracting them. Our games initiative supports our mission to enhance education through entertainment." The free brain games can be designed to enhance existing skills and learn new ones, such as vocabulary, or practice with geometry, math and typing.

If you are looking for free games to play that are fun, can be customized for educational needs, or just provide distraction for your children on a rainy day, check out http://www.ProProfs.com. The web site has just launched over 4000 free games designed to test logic, improve vocabulary, or just entertain, while keeping your brain healthy.