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Bodybugg program helps weight loss

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A timely gadget called the bodybugg, can help with weight loss. Wearing the gadget tells you how many calories you burn, no matter what your activity. The beauty is helping you meet your weight loss goals by making sure you consume less calories than you burn. The bodybugg is worn on your wrist, and is designed to be used in combination with a web based program that helps you monitor food intake and exercise for weight loss.

The bodybugg program is free for six months. Included is a forty five minute telephonic counseling session to help you get started losing weight and getting fit.

The bodybugg works by measuring skin temperature and motion. Sensors built into the device measure heat, generated by muscles movement. There is also a built in pedometer to measure steps taken. The device is battery operated, and according to claims, is ninety percent accurate for measuring calories burned. The device promotes awareness of activity and eating, making it a valuable weight loss tool that can also facilitate behavioral changes that can be sustained.

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The bodybugg tells you how many calories you burn per minute. When you upload your activity onto the computer based program, you can find out easily which activities burn the most calories, helping refine you exercise and weight loss program. Calories burned around the house are impotant too, making the gadget something you want to keep with you throughout the day.

If preferred, you can buy a digital display to go with the bodybugg. The companion display, sold separately, allows you to watch your results in real time, bypassing the computer upload. With the computer, you will enter the foods you eat, and use the bodybugg to measure calorie expenditure.

Burning calories is essential for weight loss. Dieting alone is rarely, if ever effective. For every one pound lost, you need to burn 3500 calories, and the bodybugg will measure that for you, making it much easier to gear your activities for your individual goals. Beefing up your workouts to burn more calories helps you lose more weight – burning an extra 2500 calories daily can allow you to lose five pounds of weight each week.

The bodybugg website, after six months, is $9.95 a month. You can buy the bodybugg for 99 dollars. Given the health benefits of weight loss and exercise, the bodybugg is a valuable companion. Allow yourself some leeway with the device, shown to underestimate calories burned by nine to ten percent.

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