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15 quick and easy hacks for boosting weight loss

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15 easy hacks for weight loss

Burning calories and making healthier food choices might be easier than you think. Exercise no longer means you have to spend a lot of time at the gym. Switching up your diet even a little can also go a long way toward losing weight.


Short and easy exercises are scientifically shown to help keep us fit. Unlike spending 45 minutes to an hour walking a treadmill or lifting weights, these workouts can be incorporated into anyone's daily routine.

When it comes to food choices, eliminating or just switching up certain foods can also make a difference toward meeting your weight loss goals.

Here are 15 tips:

1. Make a sandwich with whole grain bread and add more veggies. To eliminate calories, make it an open face sandwich. I promise you won't miss the extra bread. The added vegetables are nutritious and will help you feel fuller; longer.

2. Exercise in one minute intervals. Recent studies show it only takes ten minutes to get to the same fitness level as as moderately intense 45-minute workout.

3. Don't buy high calorie foods. Instead, stock your refrigerator with sweet treats like dark chocolate and fruit. One square of dark chocolate a day can help manage some health conditions. You can use fruit to make sweet treats, such as the one below:

Put a banana on a Popsicle stick; coat it with low-fat yogurt then roll it in crisped rice cereal. Set the banana on a piece of waxed paper and freeze it.

4. Eat a smaller lunch. Studies show if you skimp on lunch with a bowl of soup or just a salad you can stave off hunger and lose weight more easily.

5. Plant a garden. You'll burn calories by regularly tending to your newly created space. Planting vegetables will save money and help you eat nutritiously.

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6, Keep moving, even at your desk or when you're on the phone. Just tapping your feet or making small movements at your desk can burn calories.

7. Turn off your technology when you eat. Eating in the front of the TV or watching a movie on the computer can lead to mindless eating. Studies show paying attention to how much we are consuming is an important component of any weight loss plan.

8. Skimp on the salad toppings. Bacon, croutons, nuts and other salad fixings can add a lot more calories than you might think.

9. Ride your bicycle for just 7 minutes. Seven minutes of cycling will burn 50 calories..

10. Jump in a pool and do just 12 minutes of exercise, which also burns 50 calories.

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11. Go for a nice slow walk. Just walking slowly for 12 minutes will burn 55 calories. If you can work that in a few times a day you're burned even more!

12. Do your own vacuuming, dusting and mopping. Housework is a great way to lose weight.

13. Just dance. Put on some music at home and move!

14. Step away from the elevator and always opt to take the stairs.

15. Laugh often. Have a night out and just giggle - or spend a weekend watching comedy shows instead of bad news broadcasts. Laughter burns 1.3 calories a minute and can also tone your face to set back the aging clock.