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Affordable Health Insurance For Children In North Carolina

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North Carolina Health Insurance

Health choice for Children is an insurance program in North Carolina for families who do not qualify for Medicaid, but have a difficult time finding affordable health insurance. The program is either free, or offered at an affordable insurance premium for families who cannot afford health care for their children.

Children who do not have access to affordable healthcare suffer as adults from lifetime illnesses. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “all children should have access to comprehensive, age-appropriate, quality health care”, yet many families with children in North Carolina do not qualify for health coverage under Medicaid, leaving gaps in health insurance coverage for children.

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Health Choice for children in North Carolina covers outpatient services and hospitalization. The program also offers dental, vision, x-ray and lab benefits. Prescription drug coverage is also available.

Working family members receive deductions under the Health Choice for Children for child care and a $90 work-related expense deduction for each employed family member.

Eligibility requirements for the North Carolina Health Choice for children affordable health insurance program varies, depending on the number of children in your family. A family with 2 children might qualify for free health insurance for their children. Those who are not eligible can also enroll. The difference is there may be co-pays for healthcare services. If you cannot find affordable insurance for your children, you might qualify for coverage under Health Choice for Children. To find out about affordable health insurance for children in North Carolina, visit Health Choice for Children.