First Salmonella Case Strikes Levi the Family Dog

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Levi, the family dog in Oregon stricken with salmonella is thankfully doing fine. Levi ate multi flavor dog biscuits from Happy Tails, which were apparently tainted with Salmonella. The first reported salmonella case in a pet was found in Oregon.

The dog biscuits that sickened the Oregon pet were tested and found to be positive for salmonella. Happy Tails biscuits have now been recalled.

According to Emilio DeBess, the state public health veterinarian, Levi ate the dog biscuits and got sick with Salmonella last month. He is a three-year-old mixed breed. Levi is now part of a salmonella outbreak that has made 575 people ill and caused eight deaths from salmonella laden peanut butter.

DeBess says, "This is huge. We may be the only state where vets have embraced public health concerns to the point of helping to prevent infections that can lead to human illness."


Salmonella causes bloody diarrhea in pets. Cross contamination can occur if human's touch dog excrement, making it important for pet owners to be very careful around sick animals.

Peanut butter products contaminated with salmonella have been shipped from the Blakely Georgia plant since 2007. Hundreds of thousands of peanut butter products probably contain salmonella. None of us, animal or human, should be eating peanut butter or peanut butter products.

Paul G. Auwaerter, MD, Clinical Director, Division of Infectious Diseases, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine tells us to avoid peanut butter altogether. Anything peanut butter flavored should also be avoided.

Read the labels on pet products. Check thoroughly for peanut butter flavor or peanut butter on the labels of pet food and treats. In this case, the multi-flavored biscuits that sickened Levi could have also sickened his family as well as three other dogs in the household.

Source: - Salmonella hits girl, dog in Oregon; 4 more in Washington sickened