Innovative device offers drug free migraine treatment option

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Drug free migraine treatment

SOOTHEAWAY is a new device that offers treatment for migraine headaches without drugs. The device comes from Innovative Medical Equipment and was developed by a surgeon. The drug free device is designed to treat migraine headache, tension headache and sinus problems. SOOTHEAWAY can be used to treat injuries, providing either hot or cold therapy that stays consistent.

The SOOTHEAWAY devices can also be used to treat injuries. The device contains pads that target specific areas of pain and injury. For migraine sufferers, the pads can be place on the temples, forehead, eyes, or other areas affected during a debilitating migraine attack.

SOOTHEAWAY is a thermo-electrically heated and cooled therapy device. The idea is to provide the right temperature consistently to help relieve pain. The cooling capability can treat acute injuries then used to reduce swelling with heat with the push of a button.

You set the temperature then water is circulated through the pad you select. SOOTHEAWAY is portable and can also be used in the car during travel to keep migraine headache and muscle tension away. The device is portable and simple to use. You can plug it in to a car outlet.


The flow of water through the pad targets the specific pain area. The pad inflates and can be used to heal injuries and treat migraine headaches without drugs, making it a desirable device for anyone who cannot afford the down time of medications that can make you sleepy or otherwise unable to go about your daily routines including going to work.

SOOTHEAWAY to treat migraine headache without drugs, in addition to a wide array of other treatment applications, was developed by Bahman Guyuron, MD in conjunction with University Hospitals Case Medical Center. Dr. Guyuron serves as Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and at Case Western Reserve University. He has also received wide acclaim for his surgical techniques used to treat and reduce migraine headaches.

"A wide variety of prescription medications, Botox injections, and even surgery are all available options for migraineurs. But for patients who either want to buy time until medications take effect, or who are not candidates for, or chose not to pursue these remedies, SOOTHEAWAY provides a low-risk, low-complexity headache treatment solution that works," says Dr. Guyuron. "The efficacy of heating and cooling therapy in alleviating pain has been recognized for years within the medical community and amongst patients."

Considering the cost of migraine headache treatment that includes lost work and pricey medications, the device could pay for itself in a short period of time. SOOTHEAWAY comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

According to the American Headache Society, 12 percent of the population experience migraine headaches. The SOOTHEAWAY device would make a thoughtful gift for any family member who suffers from frequent or recurrent migraines, and can be used in conjunction with medications to improve quality of life when a migraine headache strikes. Physicians can also obtain a free demo kit for use in the office.