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Forehead surgery treats migraine headaches

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According to the results of a new study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, plastic surgeons have been able to cure migraine headaches by performing a modified forehead lift. Plastic surgeon Bahman Guyuron, MD, of Case Western Reserve University, says the type of forehead lift used to cure migraines could also lead to a more youthful appearance.

"In this study, we've shown that surgical treatment of migraine headaches is safe, effective, and that this reasonably short operation can have a colossal impact on the patients' quality of life – all while eliminating signs of aging for some patients, too, “explains Dr. Guyuron.

Researchers have been studying how the trigeminal nerves in the face trigger migraine headaches for a decade. Some patients who have Botox injections experience relief from migraines. The new study shows that cutting the nerves using a modified version of a traditional forehead lift can act like Botox relieving migraines, but the effects are permanent.

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The researchers, two neurosurgeons and a plastic surgeon from Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland performed either fake or actual surgery. Seventy five participants were included in the research. More than half of the patients who received real surgery experienced complete relief of migraine headache compared to only four percent of those who received fake surgery.

Not everyone is a good candidate for forehead lifts to cure migraines. According to Dr. Guyuron only ten to fifteen percent of migraine sufferers are candidates. The study used participants who obtained migraine relief from Botox, and they were prescreened based on the results. The cosmetic surgery is “an effective alternative treatment for patients who suffer from frequent moderate to severe migraine headaches that are difficult to manage with standard protocols”.

Modified forehead lifts that sever the nerves at common migraine trigger points can change lives by providing permanent pain relief. Dr. Guyuron says the surgical cure for migraines is rewarding for him because,”these are the patients that come back and report that their lives have been changed."

Relief of migraine headaches shown in the group who received a real forehead lift was statistically different, compared to the group who did not receive plastic surgery targeting the migraine trigger points. Cosmetic surgery using a modified forehead lift was able to cure migraine headache permanently as reported from the study.

Reference: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®



Migraine is a condition that quite often could trap even infants. It shows signs like pulsating, gnawing pain in the forehead, temple area, feeling nauseous and becoming overtly sensitive to light. A new treatment of surgery has been introduced. Many patients went under the surgery and have found that 50% people migraines got cured.
What about those of us without the surgery???... I review migraine products on my blog and have found a few natural ones that work, have a look if you want to.
How do i get the details of this modified forehead lift to take to the dr once i have saved the money to do so. Thankyou desperate in oregon
How do i get info on the modified forehead lift so i may take to a dr once i have saved up the money i am soooo desperate. Thanku
Deb - I beieve your family doctor could help you with a referral to someone locally or within travel distance who does the procedure.