Changes in the Weather May Be Causing Headaches

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Weather May Be Causing Headaches

Widespread rain and pending storms commonly produce headaches, and can trigger migraines. This is why some physicians say patients can predict storms better than the weather service.

New studies finally support the notion that rain and storms can trigger headaches and migraines, though most people have attested to the reality of weather related headaches for years.

According to a study published in the March issue of Neurology, the 'clinical folklore’ of headache from weather changes is real. Researchers now know that higher temperatures, and lower barometric pressure, can contribute to severe headaches, sending patients to the emergency room for help.

The most recent study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center offers no real advice for headaches caused by weather changes, but awareness can help with prevention. Just knowing that changes in the barometer can cause headache can help your prepare.


If you find you are plagued by severe headache during weather changes, speak with your doctor about pain management. Keep notes that can help your doctor identify weather related headache triggers. Once a pattern is seen, it will be easier to avoid headache and migraine misery by taking your medication before symptoms of headache start.

Ionizers in the home can benefit some. If you know you are prone to headache during weather changes, take an over-the-counter pain medication that is safe for you. If there are no contraindications, such as bleeding or allergy, Ibuprofen is an excellent choice to quell a weather related headache. Never take excess amounts of any medication for headache – seek an alternative remedy instead.

Be aware that muscle tension can also cause weather related headaches. Do your best to remain active to help reduce neck pain that can trigger a headache, usually noted on one side of the head. A simple yoga stretch can also help relieve headache and minimize the need for medication.

Exercise and gentle stretching, along with deep breathing can help minimize the impact of weather related headaches, keeping you healthy despite the weather.

If you are not certain about the cause of your headache, visit your doctor. Sudden and severe headache can signal a serious underlying disorder. However, for many of us, changes in barometer pressure most certainly can cause headaches that we might not otherwise be inclined to experience.

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