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Camp Pocono Trails helps teens fight obesity

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Fat camps, correctly marketed as weight loss camps, help teens fight obesity through activity and good nutrition. They improve self-image, and can promote a lifetime of good health. Obesity takes a toll on children, mentally and physically, destroying confidence, and leading to a lifetime of health problems. A fat camp is an old, stigmatizing term. Weight loss camps for teens and preteens can offer a new lease on life. The Camp Pocono Trails, New Image Weight Loss Camps have been a huge success for overweight teens and preteens.

Youngsters attending Pocono Trails weight loss camps do not watch TV. They monitor their calories, and get up early. They learn to pay attention to how much activity they perform, eat no fat diets, and play sports.

Tony Sparber, founder, of New Image Weight Loss Camps in the Pocono camp trails, has been helping children lose weight for twenty years. The Pocono camp trails are a perfect place to overweight teens to get active develop a new self image, learn health habits and fight obesity throughout life.

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Sparber was an overweight teen who can relate. His parents founded Weight Watchers Camp, helping him lose thirty pounds when he was fifteen. Sparber was able to experience the difference weight loss made in his life. He now has weight loss camps at the Camp Pocono Trails in Pa, Camp Vanguard in FL and Camp Ojai in CA.

According to the website, “New Image Camp Pocono Trails is not a fat camp. We are a weight loss camp, with all the fun and excitement one would expect from a top traditional camp. Your child will not be stigmatized by hours of therapy sessions. The new image approach, developed and managed by Tony Sparber, teaches kids and teens good nutritional habits while they gain the strength and self esteem to make good lifestyle decisions”.

Activities include kickboxing, strength training, aerobics, and a bit of rest and relaxation in between. The focus is not on weight-loss, but the combination of activity and healthy foods leads to lower weight.

Fat camps are not what Sparber calls his programs. His programs are an option for parents who might not know where to start when it comes to helping teens battle obesity. The Camp Pocono Trails, and Sparber’s other New Image Weight Loss Camps, are an option worth considering. Learning to eat well, remain active, while gaining social skills is the goal of weight loss camps. Fat camps, more preferably called weight loss camps, can help battle the obesity epidemic.

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