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Obesity Saves Life of Border collie

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Obesity is not something to be taken lightly. The health risks are far-reaching, but for Jiffy the dog, being obese may have saved his life. Unfortunately, it is amazing he has made it these eleven years, given the maltreatment from his owner...and we do not just mean the sidewalk incident. Jiffy is so obese he cannot even walk.

Jiffy the Border collie became stuck on the sidewalk ice after his owner put him outside. She could not get him up after his belly and paws stuck to the icy sidewalk. His owner, according to a neighbor, really loves him, and means no harm, though his obesity alone is life threatening. Jiffy is 50 pounds overweight, weighing more than 120 pounds.

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Humane society officials say it was Jiffy's obesity that insulated him from the cold, preserving life and limb. In the meantime, his 59-year-old owner has been charged with animal cruelty.

Jiffy is all right for now, resting comfortably at the Humane Society. Officials say he was not doing well when they rescued him by pouring warm water on him to free him from the ice.

Obesity in dogs should be taken as seriously as it is in humans. Obesity makes the heart work harder, predisposes animals and humans to diabetes, and promotes inflammation that can lead to cancer.

We do not encourage obesity, but if you have to be outdoors with your belly and paws, err...hands frozen to the sidewalk, being obese might be one of the only advantage we can readily identify.