Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet Promises a Slimmer Waistline

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Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet

Eating all day may seem a bit contrary for a slimmer waistline, but that is exactly what Robert Ferguson promises with his Food Lovers Fat Loss diet. Since Americans love to eat anyway, the concept of the Food Lovers Fat Loss diet is exactly that: eat a lot, but eat foods that burn fat and promote weight loss.

The Food Lovers Fat Loss diet includes heart healthy, diabetic friendly, and vegetarian meals that promise to satisfy. Robert Ferguson is owner of the Diet Free Life Center in Ventura, California, claiming to have helped “thousands” of people lose “staggering” amounts of weight, without sacrificing their favorite foods.

Aetna insurance featured Robert Ferguson in their 2007 African American History Calendar, because he is an attention getter, interested in motivating others toward better health. The Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet, has now captured national attention.


The Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet promotes health and well being through motivation, smart nutrition, and yes, exercise. The trick to a slimmer waistline and weight loss is controlling food portions, a key emphasis of Ferguson's fat loss diet program. The diet also focuses on food combination that help with weight loss.

“Fat Loss Friday Radio” offers additional help for anyone who really wants to tune into weight loss, offering fitness tips, and featuring celebrity weight loss battles and successes, focusing on the Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet, and much more.

The Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet, combined with the expertise, and raw enthusiasm offered by Robert Ferguson offers much promise for anyone with a sincere desire for a slimmer waistline.

We have yet to find anything negative about the Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet. Curbing the obesity epidemic has been a huge challenge. One of the biggest problems with losing weight is finding a way to remain satisfied with the foods you can eat. The Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet should satisfy your appetite, slim your waist, and help with maintaining a healthy weight – well worth the small investment.

You can check out Fat Loss Friday Radio here.



what is the phone number to call? I am watching this on TV but can't read the telephone number to call for the price of $119,99 plus the free gifts (10/12/2010).
They have a webpage you can get it on....its You can order the whole thing on-line or they have the # you can call on there.