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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a challenging disease, from recognizing its symptoms to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options. Emaxhealth reporters cover the latest research and advice from experts on all facets of ovarian cancer.

The 3 natural approaches to treat ovarian cancer you never knew

The 3 natural approaches to treat ovarian cancer you never knew

Ovarian cancer begins in the female organs that produce eggs (ovaries), and often goes undetected until it has spread within the pelvis and stomach. The American cancer Society estimates that about 22,440 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2017. Usually women are advised to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments that may incur lasting side effects and do not necessarily translate into surviving cancer. Though these mainstream cancer treatments are prioritized, there are other scientifically tested natural approaches to treat ovarian cancer.

Manage or treat ovarian cancer (OC) with these 3 home remedies

home remedies that ill help you manage or treat ovarian cancer

Epidemiological studies have suggested that dietary factors may be the cause for a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. However, the risk of developing ovarian cancer can be reduced, through dietary changes, according to multiple studies.

Common heart pill could help cancer patients live longer

Beta blockers could help treat cancer

A commonly used class of heart medications known as beta-blockers is shown in a first study to improve ovarian cancer survival. The medications block tumor growth and spread by interfering with the stress pathway involved with cancer metastasis.