Lip Glosses Increase Skin Cancer Risk

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Lip glosses and balms may increase risk for developing skin cancer.

The warning comes from dermatologists from Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and urges the need of protecting lips from sun rays. Lipsticks, glosses, and balms attract more cancerous ultraviolet rays to lips.


It in known that lip skin is much more sensitive. Lip cancer is the most dangerous and deadly one, especially the cancer of lower lip. It easily spreads to lymph nodes and it's very aggressive.

Women using lip glosses should apply sun protection gel underneath. It needs to be applied every morning before doing make-up and then recovered several times a day. Those spending more than 20 minutes outdoors need a protection of at least 30 SPF.

About 25% of Americans are using sun protection means for lips, and researchers find this rate too low. They urge everyone to care about lip skin and be aware of skin cancer signs, such as skin peeling or flaking, changed color of small skin areas on the lip. Everyone is urged to consult dermatologist in case of any of these signs.