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Skin Cancer

Research based medical information about the symptoms and treatment of skin cancer. Also find information about Melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer. Basal cell and Squamous cell cancer are two most common types of skin cancer.

Science Comes Clean About The Disadvantages Of Sunscreen Use


You may or may not have heard that chemicals in sunscreen cause cancer. While the debate on that issue continues, science knows one thing for sure: blocking the sun for fear of cancer has been proven not to be a disadvantage to health, according to new research.

You Should Aggressively Protect Your Eyes and Skin From The Sun: Natural Remedies

A woman wearing sunglasses on a sunny day

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun are essential to protect your eyes and skin from damage. Here are also some natural remedies that can help with sunburn.

Deadly Skin Cancer Trigger Identified, What’s Next?

deadly skin cancer

Scientists at Tel Aviv University have identified the trigger that causes the deadly skin cancer known as melanoma, a trigger that has been elusive until now. What is this discovery and what does it mean, especially since the rates of melanoma have been rising quickly over the past three decades in the United States?

Deadliest melanomas found in specific parts of the body

Melanoma skin cancer

A new study focuses on the deadliest melanomas that have been labeled as high-risk for patients. Researchers have discovered that tumors with high mitotic rates have an impact on how quickly doctors can find them. Now, they hope their findings will help improve the rate of melanoma skin cancer diagnosis.