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Employers Increase Health Insurance Costs for Employees

Health Insurance Cost

As health care costs continue to rise, 59 percent of companies plan to control increased costs by passing on a higher percentage to workers. A survey conducted by Mercer, reports employees will be paying a larger share in 2009 with copays, deductibles and higher out-of-pocket spending.

The growth of health care costs and of health insurance is increasing at a faster rate than inflation or workers' wages.

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Forty seven percent of companies said they are encouraging employee enrollment in plans with lower premiums and higher deductibles, the Mercer survey found. Nineteen percent of employers will offer a consumer-directed health plan, which has a high-deductible and employee controlled spending accounts.

When employees begin managing their own health care spending and paying more out of pocket, it is thought that better choices will be made and this will keep costs down. These "market forces" can only work if patients know in advance the cost of care.

Currently, the ability to find out what a test or procedure will cost ahead of time is nearly impossible. Without the ability to compare quality, outcomes and cost... the consumer is at a disadvantage and they assume the cost of care without the critical information needed to manage those costs.