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Glaucoma Drug for Eyelash Growth

Eyelash Growth

We women love our eyelashes. Even women who don't wear much makeup would not be caught dead without their mascara... a product they have used since puberty. So imagine my excitement to read that the Irvine based company, Allergen Inc. has discovered that their glaucoma drug causes eyelashes to grow lush and long.

The glaucoma drug, Lumigan, has been declared a safe and effective way to make eyelashes longer and fuller. When Lumigan was applied once a day, they noted a significantly increased fullness, thickness and darkness of lashes. A panel of outside experts voted that the benefits of the drug outweighed the risks and advised Allergen to do follow up studies.

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Lumigan (bimatoprost opthalmic solution) 0.03% is for the treatment of high eye pressure, also called intraocular pressure, in people with open-angle glaucoma. What is funny is that the Important Safety Information of the drug says:

"Lumigan has been reported to cause darkening of eyelashes, as well as increased growth of eyelashes." There is also a warning that it can cause darkening of eye color and eyelid skin. "The effects of increased darkening beyond 5 years are not known."

I hope they get the eye color thing worked out...I would like longer, luxurious lashes and I'm tired of mascara.

Shares of Allergen rose $2.12 to $38.54.



One of the side effects of Lumigan is longer lashes, but to consider drugs like this for their potential cosmetic side effects does not take into consideration the long list of adverse health effects they can have such as: Ocular adverse events occurring in approximately 3 to 10% of patients, in descending order of incidence, included ocular dryness, visual disturbance, ocular burning, foreign body sensation, eye pain, pigmentation of the periocular skin, blepharitis, cataract, superficial punctate keratitis, eyelid erythema, ocular irritation, and eyelash darkening. The following ocular adverse events reported in approximately 1 to 3% of patients, in descending order of incidence, included: eye discharge, tearing, photophobia, allergic conjunctivitis, asthenopia, increases in iris pigmentation, and conjunctival edema. In less than 1% of patients, intraocular inflammation was reported as iritis. Systemic adverse events reported in approximately 10% of patients were infections (primarily colds and upper respiratory tract infections). The following systemic adverse events reported in approximately 1 to 5% of patients, in descending order of incidence, included headaches, abnormal liver function tests, asthenia and hirsutism. Drugs such as these certainly have their place in helping preserve vision when used properly.
OH! I so wish I had some of that stock.
I have just learned that lumigan is now on the market perscription only for eyelash growth. Can it be used to help eyebrow growth also? Are there side effects being it is used on the outside of the eye and not the inside with glaucoma. My husband has glaucoma and I told him that his eyelashes were getting very long and dark. He said he had not noticed, but I sure had. Then to my surpirse I heard on tv that this has just came out for eye lash growth. I have very thin lashes and have to wear false lashes, so I am expecially interested in learned more about this product. Thank you
Most people who use an eyelash enhancer do so simply because they desire thicker longer eyelashes, but that is not always the case. Some people use such products in order to encourage eyelash regrowth. People who are interested in eyelash regrowth obviously do not have any lashes to speak of, usually as a result of some kind of eye condition. John