Medical Tourism is Here

Medical Tourism in India

It was only a matter of time until health costs in the U.S. rose so high that we would outsource health care. That time is here now for medical tourism.

WellPoint, the nation's largest health benefits company has announced a new product that allows its patients to travel to India to receive care. Starting in January, 2009, "members planning to undergo certain procedures can enjoy access to an extended network of respected hospitals and health care providers in India. By electing to use the international benefit, members can receive care at accredited facilities at lower out- of- pocket costs that could result in thousands of dollars of savings."

They go on to say a dedicated case manager will coordinate all medical arrangements, including scheduling and concierge travel services. All travel arrangements are booked and paid for, for both the member and a traveling companion. The case manager also arranges any post operative follow up care.


Certain medical tourism facilities in India and Thailand have quality outcomes that rival the United States. Their doctors are trained at fine institutions like Harvard and Johns Hopkins.
The facilities are accredited (without all of the unnecessary United States bureaucracy that drives up costs).

How do they do it? They have less government interference, practically no lawsuits, lower cost structures, no unions, low wages and better customer service.

You may not like it, but that is a fact.

How about a vacation and a knee replacement?



The time is right but different then all people think. Medical outsourcing should ONLY be cooperation between insurance companies and US doctors and doctors in India. Otherwise the after care and complications are over and over again big point of discussions. Patients must rely on good and professional after care. AND affordable!! No company who will do this and overcharge patients but US doctors and hospitals. And direct to us NOT use of providers with less medical knowledge only to take money from patients. NO only: Doctor/insurance company to Indian doctors!! We strongly believe as being no. 1 bariatric centre in India (and also ASIA in total), dr. Shashank Shah Obesity Asia that we only can work when US doctors/insurance companies use us as a cheaper option - follow the patients like pre-op and after care and by that way surgery is outsourced. This is BIG difference with medical tourism. This is really the only option that this system can work because we in India should never be competition to US doctors BUT strong cooperation. As we are in process to become International Centre of Excellence for bariatric and metabolic surgery to US guidelines we also have important database BOLD. Another way of co-working. Yes India is the future to USA and Europe but please when this system works positive for everyone. Mr. Jaap Suyk