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Hypoallergenic Dogs And Best Breeds For Allergy Sufferers

Obama and Hypoallergenic Dogs

The world is dancing in the street at the election of Barack Obama. His every word is news and everyone wants to know what he will do next. During his victory speech he announced he will be getting a new family dog for the white house and animal lovers everywhere are weighing in on the best Hypoallergenic Dog for the first family. The blogosphere is buzzing with names, breeds and advice for this major decision.

President Obama (I love those two words stung together) has now related that their new dog needs to be hypoallergenic and they would love to get a dog from a shelter. First of all, the fact that we have a leader that can say "hypoallergenic" is so amazing, I am just giddy.

The fact that he understands the best dogs are rescue dogs is also to my liking. My pets have always come from the humane society or a rescue society and, I swear, these animals have a special sense about their place in the world.

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Nothing is worse than being allergic to the family pet. I have had many sad family counseling sessions with patients to deal with this subject.

Therefore, President Obama, may I present a few Hypoallergenic Dog breeds for your consideration? This choice will outlast your presidency, and your ability to take your time and not rush into decisions will serve you well in this decision as well.

Best Hypoallergenic dog breeds for allergy sufferers:

* Basenji (Came from Africa. Would make a nice statement)
* Bedlington Terrier (I had one as a child. Fabulous dog and fur like a lamb)
* Bichon Frise (Cute but I bet not found at a shelter. Too pricey)
* Cairn Terrier (Good with children and small enough to take on world tours)
* Chinese Crested (A status symbol..probably not right for the Obamas)
* Coton de Tulear (Improve relations with France)
* Fox Terrier (Improve relations with Fox News)
* Havanese (Improve relations with Cuba. They have genetic health issues and you have enough problems with Health Care in the U.S.)
* Irish Water Spaniel (Improve relations with Ireland)
* Kerry blue Terrier (Impressive head, just like Obama)
* Maltese (Improve relations with Malta)
* Poodle (Tried and true success and very smart)
* Portuguese Water Dog (Is there a pond at the white house?)
* Schnauzer (Improve relations with Germany. My mom has this type. Very smart)
* Shih Tzu (Improve relations with China. Doubt available in a shelter)
* Soft coated Wheaten Terrier (They are so cute)
* Yorkshire Terrier (Improve relations with the UK)

Good luck, Mr. President in everything and in finding a Hypoallergenic Dog. If you need any advice on Health Care reform, you know where to find me.



You may be giddy, but you sure don't know much about dogs. About half the dogs on your list aren't hypo-allergenic. I, for one, am hoping Obama doesn't get a purebred dog, because rescues will be inundated with this same breed when people tire of them and dump them at their local shelters. Do your homework when you recover from your euphoria.
The term "hypoallergenic" dog breed can create unfounded expectations and lead to disappointing - if not seriously detrimental - outcomes for individuals with allergies and asthma. The fact is that all dogs (and cats for that matter) produce allergens that can be found in their dander and saliva, regardless of their breed and the length of their hair, or lack thereof. Some may produce more - or less - allergens than others within the same breed. Based on this premise, it wouldn't really matter if the Obamas choose a "mutt" over the various breeds or hybrids that pet pundits now suggest. A Sanico, MD