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Obesity Tax for Sodas

soft drinks contributing to obesity

I read that Gov. Paterson in New York has proposed a 15% obesity tax for soft drinks as part of his budget for the state. He would limit this to "non-diet" soft drinks and it would generate $404 million a year. Juice, bottled water and diet drinks would be exempt.

This is the first time I have heard of a "sin tax" for these products that are empty calories. Public health officials have applauded the proposal, saying it would help the fight against childhood obesity.

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Some kids and adults drink soft drinks instead of water. Enough soda pop is produced each year to give 557 cans (12 oz) to every man, woman and child in America. Composed of high-fructose corn syrup, these drinks cause a lower intake of numerous vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber and are loaded with empty sugar calories. They also contain caffeine and Yellow dye No. 5.

California, Tennessee, Arizona, Philadelphia and New York City have banned soft drinks from being sold at middle school and high school. Elsewhere the vending machines are there for easy access.

It is time to put some teeth behind the rhetoric for better health for the nation. We can't expect kids to have the wisdom to make the right choice when cheap "big gulp" soda can be found everywhere. Good work, Gov. Paterson. I'm sure you will be criticized for taking away someones personal freedom to ingest soda pop by charging $1.15 rather than $1.00.
Posted by Toni Brayer MD



Gov. Pattersons reaction to the budget crisis is really going to put allot of people in trouble. Its not just the obesity tax. The whole budget plan is filled with garbage that directly will hurt my community. I have made a decision to move to another state. I had better do it before the indians start torching tires on the highways like they did the last time the state tried to tax them.
I am not going to switch to diet soda just because the state wants my money. I will however start making my own. It isn't difficult to make soda. I have made it in the past and I reccomend other new yorkers do the same. I drink soda pop daily. I am not obese. even if I was what the hell business is it of yours or the state of new york? Keep your liberal tax inducing selves out of my business. DON'T TREAD ON ME
If you think it's insane now, wait until January 20th.